On this page, you will find the answers to some frequently asked questions from users of the Classroom Monitor Early Years Curriculum. Detailed help is available in the EYFS Framework page. 

Can I Complete My EYFS Profile Using Classroom Monitor?

Yes. There is a separate EYFS profile markbook that you will find in the 'ability' dropdown menu when loading the EYFS curriculum. This information can then be exported as a CTF for submission to your Local Authority.
NB It must be completed in the 'old' Class Markbook (via Assessment Markbooks on the homepage). The EYFS profile is not currently supported in the new markbook.

Why Do The ELGs Appear In Two Places In Classroom Monitor?

From the markbook menu screen, in the 'ability' dropdown menu, you will see both 'ELG' and 'EYFS Profile'. The ELG ability is to enable you to record progress towards the ELGs before you are ready to complete the EYFS profile. This data will feed through into the attainment and progress area and is used to calculate whether or not a pupil has a Good Level of Development.

The purpose of the EYFS Profile markbook is to collect data to be exported as a CTF for submission to the Local Authority- data does not transfer through to the attainment and progress area from here and cannot be analysed.
NB It is a good idea to record your assessment judgements in the ELG ability level first then import them into the EYFS profile.

How Do I import Assessments From The ELG Ability Level Into The EYFS Profile?

Once you are ready to complete the profile, load this ability level which shows all of the ELGs in one markbook. In the top left hand corner, you will see an 'Import from EYFS' button. Pressing this button will update any unassessed statements with the relevant assessment from the ELG. NB This will only update hexagons which are unassessed. Any assessments already entered in the EYFSP will not be changed so you should only press the import button when you are ready to do so.
NB This feature is not available in the new markbook but can still be accessed via the old markbook

How Do I Record That a Pupil Is 'Exceeding' An ELG?

When looking at an ELG markbook, you will see the individual ELG statement for that area of learning. Recording a yellow assessment gives a score of ELG Emerging and recording a green assessment gives a score of ELG Expected. ELG Exceeding can be recorded manually when you save a markbook or press the '
adjust scores' button. Please note that even if you have a blue hexagon activated in the ELG ability level, this will not generate and ELG Exc score

When looking at the EYFS Profile markbook, you can record an exceeding by clicking on the relevant hexagon 3 times.

How Is The GLD Judgement Calculated? Why Are Some Pupils Still Showing As 'Below GLD' When I Have Completed All Of My Assessments?

The Good Level of Development (GLD) calculation uses assessments recorded in the ELG markbook (not the EYFS Profile markbook). It is calculated overnight every night, so changes to your data will not be seen immediately when you update your profile but will be there the next morning.

To calculate whether a pupil is at GLD, Classroom Monitor checks whether each pupil is at ELG expected or exceeding in all of the 12 prime areas. The 12 prime areas are: Making Relationships, Self-Confidence and Self-Awareness, Managing Feelings and Behaviour, Listening and Attention, Understanding, Speaking, Moving and Handling, Health and Self-Care, Reading, Writing, Numbers and Shape Space and Measure.

How Do I Add Photos And Other Evidence In The Classroom Monitor App

It is easy to attach evidence using the app. Follow the step by step instructions on this page: Record evidence via the app

Why Do I Only Have Yellow And Green Hexagons In The EYFS? The Rest Of The School Have More Colours

By default, only the yellow and green hexagons are switched on for the EYFS. However, you can contact us if you would like to have the red and/or blue hexagons switched on in your account.

How Do I Show Progress In The EYFS Curriculum?

During their EYFS journey, progress against statements can be tracked using the 'Assessment Summaries'. The 'Assessment Progress Report' shows assessments recorded in the markbook and how these have changed over time. The 'Learning Journey' covers the evidence gathered for each pupil including pictures and comments. All of these celebrate the progress of the pupil across the curriculum and are excellent to support teachers during 'Parents Evening' too. You may also find some of the idea on our Demonstrating Progress page useful.

Why Can't I Load The 'Characteristics of Effective Learning' In The Markbook Or Attainment And Progress?

By default, the Characteristics of Effective Learning are only included in Classroom Monitor for the purpose of writing 
written reports where statements can be found in the 'statement banks'. Although you may see them in the Markbooks and Attainment and Progress area, it isn't possible to load them. If you want to add the statements so that you can add evidence against them, this can be done via the customisation tool by following the instructions on the Adding the Characteristics of Effective Learning help page.

How Do We Get 2 Simple / 2 Build a Profile / 2BAP To Sync With Classroom Monitor?

All FAQs relating to '2 build a profile' can be found here: 

Can I Set Targets For My EYFS Pupils?

Unfortunately, target setting is not currently available for the EYFS curriculum. 

I'm In The Markbooks And All Of My Assessments Have Gone! HELP!

Assessment wont have disappeared, so please don't worry. This is likely to be because pupils were given a temporary UPN number when they joined your Nursery / Reception class. When their NEW UPNs were assigned to them, they will appear to Classroom Monitor as new pupils. This will create a 'Duplicated Account' If you click on the 'Contact Us' link and say you believe you have duplicated pupil accounts; including the names of the pupil/s are affected along with their DOB, we will be able to merge the cases for you, so you can see the previous assessment data. 

There Are A Lot Of Abbreviation In EYFS - What Do They Mean?

ELG - Early Learning Goals

EYFSP- Early Years Foundation Stage Profile

GLD - Good Level of Development: This is a measure used by the government. A child has a Good Level of Development if they are at least the expected standard in the Prime areas of learning plus Mathematics and Literacy.
2BAP - 2 Build a Profile

Can I Customise The EYFS Using The Curriculum Customisation Tool?

You can customise all of the ability levels apart from the ELG ability level and the EYFS profile ability level. This is because the ELGs form part of statutory reporting.

How Do I Set A Baseline In Year 1 Using the EYFS ELGs?

You can easily set a baseline in Year 1 using your EYFS ELGs. You will need to log in using a SLT account. Go to Attainment and Progress / Pupil Tracking area and select the pupils you want to set a baseline for. In the 'Select Subjects' section, select Early Years Foundation Stage / EYFS Reading and Rising Stars / English - Reading. In the timeframe, select the month you recorded your last assessment in the EYFS curriculum (usually July). Then 'Generate Table'. You will now be able to use these conversions to set a baseline in for your ELG EM, ELG Exp, ELG Exc by clicking on the dropdown tabs in the RSPF Reading column. You have now set a baseline for Reading in the Rising Stars framework. You can repeat this for Writing and Number which will draw through to Maths.

My Question Isn't Listed Here. What Should I Do?

You could also try searching using the search box in the top right hand corner. If you are still unable to find the answer to your issue here, please contact us.

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