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What is the 'Adjust scores' Screen and How Do I Access It?

The Adjust Scores screen is provided for viewing and checking current scores for a group of pupils in a subject. It allows you to switch between automatic and manual scoring for a pupil and to view percentage coverage of the markbook.

This screen can be accessed by clicking the 'Adjust Scores' button in the top left hand corner of the markbook and will show all of the pupils included in the markbook. This screen is also shown when saving assessments in the markbook but will only be shown for the pupils whose scores are currently being updated.

What Information Am I Shown On The 'Adjust Scores' screen?

Most Recent Summative Assessment

The pupil's most recently recorded summative assessment is shown here for information purposes only. 
Summative Assessment is entered directly in the Attainment and Progress area. If no relevant summative assessment is recorded you will see N/A here.

Percentage Score

A percentage score is calculated whenever a user saves the markbook and represents coverage of that set of objectives. It is calculated within the pupil’s current ability band by looking at the objectives that each pupil has been assessed against out of the total number of objectives available in that markbook. The calculation takes into account the colour of each assessment recorded and uses the weightings for each colour that have been set up in your school.

The percentages will always relate to the current ability band that a child’s automatic score is within. For example, imagine a child is currently a 3 Sec. His percentage will reflect coverage of stage 3. If the teacher starts to record some elements of stage 4, the percentage will continue to show coverage of stage 3 until that child has an automatic score of the lowest band in stage 4 (e.g. 4 Beg). At this point the percentage will switch to showing coverage of stage 4.

Automatic Score / Manual Score

Both automatic and manual scores show descriptive labels that can be used to represent a child's attainment.

  • Automatic score: uses the assessment terminology and thresholds that are set for your school to convert the percentage of the markbook into a descriptive score. NB If a child's automatic score is N/A, this means that there is not currently enough assessment for Classroom Monitor to make an automatic judgement. 
  • Manual score: a descriptive label selected by the user which has no automatic connection to what has been recorded in the markbook. This can be edited from this screen or may have been entered in the pupil tracking area.

One of these scores will be greyed out which means that it is not being used anywhere in Classroom Monitor and it is the other that is being used.

Is It Better To Use Automatic Or Manual Scores?

You will find that in most circumstances for most pupils automatic scores will not need changing. Leaving pupils on automatic scoring will mean that any progress is tracked automatically and scores are kept up to date. It is also worth noting that percentage tracking only works when pupils are set to automatic scoring.

Manual scores can be useful if you want to 
add a baseline or in occasional circumstances where some pupils with SEND may have assessment judgements recorded across a number of different ability levels so automatic scores do not reflect their attainment. Manual scores do not update automatically and rely on data to be updated manually.

Remember that automatic scores are only a conversion of percentage coverage using the assessment terminology and thresholds that have been set by your school. If you are unhappy with the way that scores are being assigned in general, you should adjust the weightings and thresholds so that they work better for you. This will provide a much better solution that continuing to enter manual scores.

How Do I Set A Manual Score For A Pupil?

As discussed above, automatic scores generally work better in Classroom Monitor than manual scores. However in certain circumstances you may wish to use a manual score for a child when Classroom Monitor doesn't have enough data to generate an automatic score or if a pupil is working across a number of ability levels so automatic scoring doesn't generate an appropriate automatic score.

To add a manual score, click the radio button in the manual score dropdown. Then you will be able to select the label that most accurately reflects the pupil's attainment.

Remember, if a pupil is set to manual, to show progress for that child you will need to manually update this score periodically or switch them back to automatic. Also, "Manual" will

How do I Set A Pupil Back To Automatic Scoring?

When a pupil is set to manual scoring, the automatic score continues to be calculated in the background although not stored anywhere in Classroom Monitor until that pupil is set back to automatic. To set a pupil back to automatic scoring, you simply need to click the 'automatic score' radio button in the pupil's row. If you want to set all pupils to automatic scoring, you can tick the 'Automatic Scoring' check box at the top of the column. When you press save, the automatic score will then be shown at the top of the markbook and recorded in the pupil tracking area for the current date.

Checking Your Scores. What You Need To Know...

Before starting any data analysis you need to be sure that the scores in the tracking area reflect what is in the markbooks. If a teacher has been using the app to record assessment, hexagons will update automatically but scores will not. This means that they will need to periodically login via a browser to update scores. Similarly, it is possible for a teacher to record and save assessment in the markbook but not save the scores. There may also be pupils who have been left on 'manual' that need to be switched to 'automatic' to reflect progress in attainment.

If you suspect that there may be an issue, to force a new calculation of automatic scores you should follow these steps below:
1. Log into the online account
2. Load up a Class Markbook for a group and subject that you want to re-calculate
3. Click the 'Adjust scores' button in the top left hand corner.
4. Check through the new automatic scores that have been calculated (you may wish to switch some pupils from manual to automatic)
4. Click the orange button at the bottom which says 'Save the Selected Scores and Return'
Scores that reflect what is in the markbooks will now feed through into the tracking area.

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