Looking for the Classroom Monitor 2018 Markbook help pages?

To view this help  as a video, please click here.

To access the Class Markbook,you need to login to Classroom Monitor using your personal login. Then, you will need to click on Assessment Markbooks > Class Markbook on the homepage.
 Please note that the school admin login will not take you to this homepage.

On the markbook menu screen, you should work downwards to select the options you require:

  1. Curriculum: This governs all of the subsequent options that are available.
  2. Assessment Date (EYFS only)
  3. Group: Smaller groups can be created via Group Management if required.
  4. Subject: Only one can be selected
  5. Ability: Select the one most relevant to selected pupils. Additional dropdown can be useful for loading prior assessments or for pupils working below age related expectations. 
  6. Strands: Select only the strands that you are planning for or assessing at the moment to keep focused. You should only select all when wanting to look at an overview of attainment in that subject.
  7. Pupil Ordering/Objective ordering: You can leave these as the defaults or use them to reorder the markbook.

Once you've done this, you click the 'Load Markbook' button at the bottom of the screen.

This takes you into the Class Markbook. You can see objectives down the left hand side and pupil names across the top. Each individual has a hexagon for each objective where their assessment is recorded. The pupils' currently saved scores for this subject are shown under each name.

  The buttons in the top left hand corner enable you to do a number of things:

  • 'Save Markbook' saves the changes to the markbook. Classroom Monitor will auto save every 20 minutes so be sure to save changes as frequently as possible.
  • 'Export to Excel' will copy the contents of the markbook into Excel, to save a copy or to print.
  • 'Adjust Levels' will open the levelling screen to view and edit pupils levels.
  • 'Up Arrow' will jump up to the next available level.
  • 'Down Arrow' will jump down to the next  available level.

To view this help as a video, please click here.

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