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Classroom Monitor can be a really useful tool to inform teaching and learning once you get into the swing of recording your assessment judgements. Although this may take you time to begin with, you will find that this gets easier and quicker in a very short time. There are a number of ways that you can speed up the recording of your assessment:

1. Changing more then one hexagon at a time in the markbooks. There are a number of ways of making multiple selections:

2. Using the Classroom Monitor app is great for ongoing, little and often, assessment that can be carried out within the classroom rather than as an additional task at a later date. The app makes multiple selections easy and allows for easy upload of evidence and notes alongside assessments.

3. Loading a focused markbook rather than the whole markbook- whether using the app or the browser, you should always keep focused on the assessments that you want to record at that time. Creating smaller groups of pupils can help as can only loading focus strand(s) if these are available in your framework.

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