The Pupil Tracking Table can be used to enter scores as Teacher Assessment (TA) or Summative Assessment (SA). These are stored separately, so a pupil can have a TA and SA score recorded in any particular month if required. It is worth noting that if TA and SA are saved in the same month, Classroom Monitor will use the SA score for progress calculations and group tracking. This means that we would recommend that the SA column is only used if you want to add a moderated judgement. If you want to add other summative data, such as test scores, we would suggest creating new subjects for data entry.

TA and SA scores work slightly differently in Classroom Monitor as outlined below:

Teacher Assessment (TA)

Summative Assessment (SA)

  • May be 'Automatic' (i.e. calculated based on assessment in the markbook) or 'Manual' (i.e. selected by the user to reflect their judgement of a pupil's attainment). 
  • The saved TA score appears in both Class and Pupil Markbooks and in pupil tracking NB Any changes made to TA scores in the Pupil Tracking area will be shown in the scores in the markbooks but will not change any assessment recorded against statements (i.e. colour of the hexagons).
  • TA scores are continuous; a TA score will continue to display in subsequent months until a new TA is saved.

  • Entered manually or via an import- No link to the markbooks.
  • SA scores are discrete; they can only be viewed by selecting the month that they were entered and will not be carried forward to subsequent months.

Entering Current Assessment Scores

1. From the homepage, select Attainment and Progress > Pupil Tracking

2. Select the
 pupil(s) and subject(s) and timeframe that you require.

3. Press 'Generate Table'

4. To enter TA go to step 5. To enter SA click 'Summative Assessment' on green control bar (unselect Teacher Assessment if you wish) and press 'Generate Table' 

5. Click in the relevant box and select a score from the drop down. NB the options available are those that have been associated to the selected framework and subject.

6. Scores will flash green to show that they are automatically being saved. If a score flashes red, this indicates that the score has not been saved which usually indicates a problem with your internet connection.

7. Once you have entered at least one score in an SA column, you can type in the box at the top of the column to identify the assessment being recorded e.g. mock exam, optional tests, homework etc.

NB: It is important to note that when you enter or edit a TA score in the tracking area temporarily severs the link between this score and the markbooks and no percentage scoring will be available to view. In order for any progress in the markbooks to be reflected in the TA score, the user will need to use the adjust scores screen to turn a pupil back to automatic scoring when they are ready.

Entering Historic Assessment Scores

Only users who have been designated as 'SLT' users can enter or edit data for previous months. Users who have been designated as 'teacher' users can view data for previous months but they can only enter or edit data for the current month. User permissions can be changed in User Management by the Admin user.

When logged in as an SLT user, dropdown menus appear for all months displayed in the table- not just the current month. Historical data can then be entered by selecting from the dropdowns as described above.

It is also possible to 
import historic assessment data that has been stored elsewhere.

Assessment Scores in 'Overall' Subjects

In Classroom Monitor, there are some subjects in some frameworks where TA results are automatically calculated based on the results of their sub-subjects. For example, in a number of frameworks an 'English' score is calculated from the scores recorded for 'Reading' and 'Writing'. 

Important points to note about overall scores:

  • Whenever a score for a sub-subject is entered or edited, the corresponding overall subject score will be re-calculated.
  • Overall scores are calculated using a mean average of all of the sub-subjects that have assessment scores recorded. Sub-subjects with no assessment recorded will not be included in the average.
  • By default, TA scores for overall subjects cannot be manually changed and the menu will be greyed out. Scores for overall subjects can be entered by users into the SA column.

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