How Can I Edit A Pupil's Score?

Scores in pupil tracking may have come from assessment in the markbooks or they may have been entered directly. Either way, current scores can be edited by all users by either:

a) Changing the score in pupil tracking by loading a table and selecting a new score from the dropdown
b) Pressing 'Adjust scores' in a markbook, changing the pupil to manual scoring and selecting a different score

NB if you edit and save a pupil's score, markbook assessments will no longer affect that score unless you change the pupil back to automatic scoring

Why Can't I Enter Or Edit Scores For Previous Months?

Only users who have been set as SLT accounts can edit or enter historic data. Please contact a member of your SLT if you need to edit or enter historic data.

How Do I Filter For Specific Groups Such As Pupil Premium, SEN Or Gender?

To filter for specific groups, click on the 'Choose Pupils/Subjects/Timeframe' bar, then choose the 'Cohort' and 'Select Cohort' options. Next click on the 'Pupil Filters' bar. This will now show you a range of different filter options such as: gender, Pupil Premium, SEN and ethnicity to name a few.

What Is The Difference Between SA and TA?

When you load a pupil table, you will see that TA is at the top of the column. This stands for 'Teacher Assessment' and may come from assessment in the markbooks or be entered manually. Clicking on 'Summative Assessment' in the green bar will load up a similar column with SA at the top. This is for summative assessment data which is not linked to the markbooks and has to be entered manually or imported. Before entering data in the SA column you need to be aware that Classroom Monitor will always give SA precedence over TA in a month where both exist. This is the case throughout Classroom Monitor so will potentially affect progress calculations, reports and what you see in Group Tracking.

How Can I Find Out What The Different Scores Mean?

Scoring systems are controlled within schools so you may see a range of different ones available. You can find the deafult scores for each framework via the Frameworks page. However, remember that these are only defaults and may have been 

changed in school.

What Do The Scores Starting With 'W' Mean?

In a number of frameworks, 'W' scores are available that sit below the first ability level in the curriculum. These will often use the terminology that is used for the rest of your framework to label the sub-stages. Some users use these to enter baselines from the Early Years frameworks. For example, in the Rising Stars framework WTC may be used to represent ELG Emerging, WTB for ELG Expected and WTA for ELG Exceeding. Whilst others use them for pupils working below the first stage of their framework.

Why Can't I Change A Particular Subject's Score When I Can Change Others?

Some subjects in Classroom Monitor are set as 'overall' subjects. This means that their TA score is calculated from taking an average of its 'child' subjects and can only be changed through changing the scores in its child subjects. SA scores can still be added for these subjects. The customisation tool can be used to change the status from overall, however this will no longer be linked to its previously associated subjects and will not update automatically.

Can I Enter Spelling Ages And/Or Reading Ages?

Yes, spelling and reading ages can be entered in pupil tracking. You will need to select you pupils, select the curriculum 'Reading/Spelling Ages' and the relevant subject(s), select the month that you want to enter them for and press generate table. You will be able to choose the relevant age from the dropdowns. These are expressed with decimal points, so 6 years and 4 months would appear as 6.4. More help on entering scores can be found on the Recording Assessment Scores help page.

Can I Enter Scores From Tests Into Classroom Monitor?

You can quickly and easily set up new subjects to record test data so that all of your assessment information is held in one system. We have schools recording PUMA and PIRA, GL Assessments, CEM tests, NFER tests and others. You can use the customisation tool or contact us for advice.

Can I Enter End Of Key Stage Data?

Yes, end of key stage data can be entered manually in pupil tracking or imported using the Assessment and Test Results Importer. instructions for entering manually are as follows:

  • End of Reception: Data can be entered into the EYFS profile markbook and automatically transferred into the Attainment and Progress area. Alternatively, you can enter data directly into pupil tracking by selecting curriculum 'EYFS' then selecting each area of learning. ELG Em, ELG Exp and ELG Exc are available to select as options.
  • End of KS1 and end of KS2: To enter scaled scores: select curriculum "2016 SATs" followed by reading, maths and/or SPG. To enter teacher assessment categories (e.g. EXS): select curriculum "Statutory Teacher Assessment Framework" followed by writing 1718, reading, maths and science. 

More help on entering scores can be found on the Recording Assessment Scores help page.

Can I View Data From Last Year? What About For Pupils Who Have Left?

If you want to look at historic data for a group in your current academic year group you will just need to select the relevant dates when loading tables and graphs. You can also view data for groups from previous academic years, including pupils who have left. More information can be found on the generating a table/graph help page.

How Do I Know If A Pupil's Score Is Manual Or Has Been Calculated Based On Markbook Assessments?

To find out whether a score has been entered manually or calculated automatically from results in the markbook you can tick the 'percentage score' box within Pupil Tricking. If a pupil has a percentage score listed for a particular month then theire result is automatic but if it says "manual" this score has been adjusted by a user.

How Can I Show Progress?

There are a number of ways to show progress in Classroom Monitor which you can find out more about on our Demonstrating Progress help page. Whilst progress could be failry effectively measured in points in the previous National Curriculum, the non-linear nature of the new curriculum means that this is not as useful anymore. You can find out more on the points progress help page.

Why Can't I Set Targets?

ALL users (teachers and SLTs) have to be given permission to set targets. If a teacher or SLT user needs to be allowed to set targets, this can easily be activated by logging in as Administrator and following the 'User Management' instructions. When you have clicked 'Edit' next to the user you want to allow to set targets, scroll down to '6. Select Status' and tick the box that says' Can set targets', then 'save'.

My Question Isn't Listed Here. What Should I Do?

For general help in using the Attainment and Progress area please see our Attainment and Progress help pages. If your query was not listed above, please try typing in the search bar in the top left hand corner. If you are still struggling to find the answer to your issue here, please contact us.

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