This page will help you to use the User Management functions in the Classroom Monitor admin login. It covers how to add users and how to edit user details and permissions.

To perform any of these tasks, you will need to be logged into the Classroom Monitor school admin account. You can do this from the 
login page.

Once you have logged in, you will need to access Management followed by User Management.

Adding Users and Editing User Details

The first thing that you will see in User Management is a list of the staff who currently have accounts set up in Classroom Monitor.

  • To add a user, click the 'Add New' button.
  • To edit a user's settings, click the 'edit' icon to the right of their name.

Both options will take you to the same form where you can choose to add or edit their details and permissions. Detailed guidance is given below.


1. School information should already be populated

2. All users need a username. This needs to be unique across all of the teachers that use Classroom Monitor (currently more than 30,000). Usernames are case sensitive, so we recommend keeping them in lower case.We recommend using this format: schoolpostcode_surname e.g. ng75pn_smith

In terms of User Type:

Set a user as 'SLT' to allow them to edit historical data and access whole school information in the homepage favourite graphs.

Set a user as 'teacher' if they do not need to edit historical data. They will still be able to enter and edit data for the current month, view historic data and access data for their groups in the homepage favourites.

3. For name, the teacher's first name / title should be entered along with their surname. Middle name is optional.

4. Email addresses can be used by teachers to reset their password should they have trouble logging in and it is advised to add each user's email address if possible.

6. In status, all new users will be set as 'active'. You will need to switch a user to 'inactive' if you no longer wish them to have access to their account e.g. they have left your school. You can also tick in the box if you want the user to have the ability to set attainment targets. If you don't tick this box, the user will be able to view them but not set them.


7. The final options allow you to set the groups that this user can see. If the list is long you can filter the classes by typing all or part of the class name and clicking 'filter classes'.

In the first box, place a tick next to all of the groups that this user needs access to. Then, you need to press the "Add to List" button. These groups will now appear in the second box.

If there are any groups in the second box that this teacher does not need access to, you can click in the boxes to unselect them.

Once the groups you wish to be available to the selected teacher are displayed in the 'Selected Groups' area, you can click 'Save'.


Assigning and Resetting Passwords

Passwords can be assigned or reset from the User Management list page.

If the user has an email address in Classroom Monitor: Look at the column with the 'Send password email' button at the top. Tick the relevant user box(es). Press the 'Send Password Email' button to send the user an email allowing them to set their password.

If the user does not have an email address in Classroom Monitor: You can assign them a new password by typing in the relevant 'new password' box (must be at least 8 characters and contain a number) and pressing 'Set Password'. You can then give the username and this password to the user.


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