The best way to get your pupils into Classroom Monitor and keep them up to date is using the MIS Synchronisation tool. If you don't have an MIS or you can't set up a link to it, you can import a CTF or use the Pupil Import Tool. The Pupil Management area is best used for verifying pupils details and making small changes (if you don't have a sync) rather than adding lots of pupils, although you can use it for this purpose.

To access the Pupil Management area, you will need to login to your school's admin account using 
the login page. You will then need to navigate to Pupil Management.


Searching For Pupils

When you enter Pupil Management area, you will see all pupils currently stored in Classroom Monitor.

To search for a particular pupil, type in one of the search fields and click the Search button.

To view or edit a pupil's details, you should click the edit icon to the right of their row.

Editing Pupil Details

if you press edit, you will be taken to a form showing stored pupil details. Change any details as you need and press the 'save' button at the bottom of the screen to apply them.

NB if Classroom Monitor is synced with your MIS: Pupil changes should be made in your MIS rather than Classroom Monitor. Information synced from the MIS (automatically or via CTF) will overwrite any changes that you have made directly in Classroom Monitor.

Adding a New Pupil

As mentioned above, it can be a lengthy process to add lots of pupils via Pupil Management so you are advised to use the 
MIS Synchronisation Tool, import a CTF or use the Pupil Import Tool where possible.

To add individual pupils, you can follow these steps from within Pupil Management.

  • Click 'Add New'
  • Fill in the required fields. Mandatory fields are highlighted in bold.
    • Enter First Name & Surname
    • Date of Birth - must be entered in DD/MM/YYYY format
    • Select Gender
    • FSM - Tick if the pupil recieves Free School Meals
    • Pupil First Language – by default this will be set to ‘Believed to be English’
    • SEN – Selecting Yes will cause the page to reload and additional options to become available
    • SEN Provision – Select provision from the dropdown box
    • SEN Type – Tick the box for any required SEN Types.
    • Postcode – Pupils home postcode is a required field and must be in UK format
    • Ethnicity – select pupils ethnicity
    • UPN – Unique pupil number, this is the way CM idenitifies pupil records and MUST be kept consistent to avoid duplication of pupils.
    • Year group – should be entered as a single character for example ‘R’ for Reception, ‘N’ for Nursery or ‘1’ for Year Group 1 etc.
    • Key Stage – select the appropriate Key Stage from the dropdown list.
    • Active/Inactive – Active pupils are students who are currently on roll within your school.
    • Click 'Save' at the bottom of the screen

When a pupil has been added manually, the pupil will then need to be added into the necessary group. Visit the Group Management help page for instructions on how to do this.

Duplicated Pupils

If a pupil is issued with a new UPN then this will create a duplicate record within Classroom Monitor when the MIS sync takes place. This can happen when emergency UPNs have been issued previously. In order to merge the duplicate records, you will need to contact us.

Removing Pupils Who Have Left

If you do not have an MIS system, any pupils who leave need to be set as 'inactive' so that they don't appear in the markbooks and aren't included in your data.

  • Click on the 'Edit' button on the row of the pupil
  • Scroll down to the bottom
  • In 'Select Status' click on the 'Inactive' circle
  • Click 'save'. 

Please note: Your leavers will be automatically set to inactive for you during the Summer holidays.

Any pupils you set to 'inactive' can be reactivated by following same process, but by clicking the 'Active' circle and saving.


A pupil is active in Pupil Management but not available in Assessment Markbooks: 
Pupils will need to be added to a group before you can record assessment for them in Classroom Monitor. You can use 
Group Management or import classes.

A pupil I've added is disappearing or being removed from a group: If this is happening, it is usually because Classroom Monitor is syncing with your MIS. The data in your MIS is regarded as correct and will overwrite any data that has been manually edited. To avoid this make any changes in your MIS or manually add groups that do not sync with your MIS in Group Management.

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