Many schools import pupil data into Classroom Monitor through an MIS sync. If this is not possible, a CTF (Common Transfer File) can be used to import pupils from your school MIS (Management Information System) into Classroom Monitor in a way that is much faster than adding them manually.

Importing a CTF from your MIS will also import end of Key Stage results stored in your MIS. Please note: Only post-2016 results will import. Also, importing a KS2 results directly from a CTF downloaded from NCA Tools will set all of the pupils to year group NULL. To avoid this, please use the 
Test and Assessment Importer or add results manually into the 2016 SATs curriculum in the pupil tracking area.

A CTF file needs to be created within your MIS file and then exported. You will then import this file from within Classroom Monitor.

The information imported from your MIS will include:

  • UPN
  • DOB
  • gender
  • ethnicity
  • FSM status
  • EAL status
  • Pupil Premium status
  • SEN status
  • End of key stage Teacher Assessment Framework data / post 2016 SATs results.These will appear as Summative Assessment in the 'StatutoryTeacher Assessment Framework' and 'SATs 2016' within the 'Attainment and Progress' area. If you wish to add historical SATs results (levels), you will need to either use the 'Results Importer Tool' or enter historic SATs results manually

Step 1: Export a CTF from your MIS

NB Schools with no MIS or those who cannot export a CTF can use the Pupil/Class Import Tool.

Step 2: Import the CTF into Classroom Monitor

  1. Login to Classroom Monitor as the admin user
  2. On the main menu, position the cursor over Data Management (on the left) and click on Import CTF.
  3. Click on Browse and navigate to the CTF file that you created. The filename will be a series of numbers and will usually finish with .xml. NB - It may make it easier to find the correct file by ordering the files by date created.
  4. Click on Open
  5. Click Import.
  6. The number of children imported will show on the top left of the screen in green.

Step 3: Assign pupils to classes

Importing a CTF into Classroom Monitor does not import classes. Class names and class lists will need to be maintained manually via Group Management.

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