There is a tool within Classroom Monitor which enables you to transfer a pupil's assessment data between schools. This means that you can:

  • Quickly and easily transfer a pupil's assessment information to their new school if they are a school that uses Classroom Monitor.
  • Receive, potentially detailed, assessment information about a new pupil if they have come from a school that uses Classroom Monitor.

 As well as being able to do this for individual pupils, it is possible to do it for whole cohorts at transition points between schools (e.g. Infants to Juniors, Primary to Secondary or First to Middle).

Transferring Pupil Data to a New School

You can use this method to send data to the new school if you know that they are a Classroom Monitor school (for pupils moving to non-Classroom Monitor schools, you may want to consider sending an 
Assessment Summary).

  • The first step is to select the 'Mark for Transfer' radio button.
  • You will then need to make sure that your school is selected in the dropdown.
  • You should then enter the DFE number for the school that you want to transfer data to. When you press search, you will see the name and address of the corresponding school to confirm.
  • You then need to select the year group of the pupil that you want to transfer and press 'Show Pupils'.
  • From the list, you can mark pupils for transfer by ticking in the relevant transfer boxes
  • Press the 'Transfer' button

 NB You should co-ordinate the timing of this transfer with the receiving school as they should retrieve the pupil data as soon as possible after you have marked it for transfer. Once you have marked a pupil for transfer, they will appear inactive in your school account. If you make the pupil active again this cancels the transfer which could happen overnight via your MIS sync.

Transferring Pupil Data From a Previous School

Before transferring pupil data from a previous school, the pupil must be present in your Classroom Monitor account through an MIS sync or a manual input. In addition, the previous school should have already marked the pupil for transfer to your school in their Classroom Monitor account (using the steps outlined above).

Then, when you click on the 'Transfer from Other School' radio button, any schools which have marked pupils for transfer to you will appear in the dropdown. You will need to click 'Show Pupils' and select the ones that you want to transfer from the list.

NB Pupil email addresses and markbook assessments will not transfer in this process.

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