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The Test & Assessment Importer allows schools to import results for any subject that has a mark range or ability levels assigned to it.
NB Statutory assessment data recorded using the Teacher Assessment Frameworks can be imported from your MIS via a 
CTF import.

Step 0: Make Sure That You Have a Subject to Import Into

You can import all sorts of test data into Classroom Monitor, providing that you have subjects set up to import into. You can create as many of these as you need and can select from a range of scoring options to fit the data that you have. To find out more about this, visit our 
Creating Subjects page.

Step 1: File Preparation

To import results: from the admin homepage, click on Data Management > Results Import.

Your first step is to get your file of results into the correct format.

On the right hand side of the screen, there is a link to download an example document which you can follow. Bear in mind that the scores in your file should match exactly with those assigned in Classroom Monitor for that subject otherwise results will not import.

Also, your document must be saved as a .csv file. Excel files can be converted to .csv format using File>Save As and selecting the file format as CSV. You can also generate CSV files through applications such as Notepad or TextEdit.

When your file is ready to upload, you should:

  • Select the curriculum that you are importing results for. Once you have selected your curriculum you will be able to press the 'View Scores/Points' button on the right hand side to view the scores/points for that curriculum.
  • If you want to import the results as scores you can leave the tick box unticked. If you want to import them as points you should tick the box. NB if you are importing scores into a mark range, select 'Points'
  • Press the browse button to locate the file.
  • Press the upload button to upload it.
  • Press Next to move onto the next step.

Step 2: Import Configuration

You first (A) need to specify whether you want the results to be imported as teacher or summative assessment. Remember that, in Classroom Monitor, teacher assessment is linked to assessments from the markbooks whilst summative assessment exists on its own. If you import as teacher assessment, the results will overwrite any teacher assessment that is currently saved for the month specified. If you want to import the results as teacher assessment, you should leave the box unchecked. If you want to import them as summative assessment, you should tick in the box.

The columns from your csv file will be listed in the left hand column and you will need to tell Classroom Monitor where it should place each piece of information by making the relevant selection from the dropdown in the middle column for each row (B). You then need to specify the date that should be used for each row's data (apart from UPN). If you want all of the data to have the same date, you can select this date in the box at the top and press update rows (C). NB You can only set the date for a row once Map Column has been selected.

To save the mapping and move on you should press Next.

Step 3: Preview and Validation

On this screen, you will be shown information about the data that is going to be imported. This gives you the opportunity to check it before the data is actually imported.

At the top of the screen, you will see the curriculum that the data is being imported into and how it is being imported; in this example you can see that the data is being imported into Teacher Assessment as scores.

Then you will see a colour coded table. Each column header shows the label from your CSV file and the Classroom Monitor column that it is being mapped to. Each UPN has a row and the corresponding scores for each subject are shown.

If you are unhappy with any of this, you will need to edit the csv file that contains your results then return to step 1 to upload, then map and then preview it again.

Once you are happy with the data to be imported, you should press Next.

Step 4: Confirmation

It is very important to understand that once the data is imported it will be live in Classroom Monitor immediately and there will be a cost involved if you ask to reinstate any data that has been overwritten. To confirm that you understand this, you will need to enter the admin account password and then tick the box to say that you are happy to import these results. You should then press the Import Results button.

Step 5: Import Complete

You will see a message to let you know that the import has been completed. You will then be able to view these results in all usual locations throughout the system. Generate a pupil tracking table to check the results have imported correctly.

Some important points that you may need to consider are:

  • Overall Subjects – the results that are imported into sub-subjects are not used calculate an overall score as they do when saving assessment directly in Classroom Monitor. You can, however, import overall scores.
  • Mark Ranges – Import as points not scores
  • Points – If importing single digit points scores the cells within excel need formatting to accommodate this as otherwise they will import with a 0 at the start, i.e. points score 1 in Excel will read as 01 which Classroom Monitor will then not recognise.
  • Unicode – If you have any subjects that contain Unicode characters they will only be displayed with the file saved with Encoding UTF-8

To view this help as a video, please click here

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