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Curriculum customisation is available to all schools on a subscription basis. To customise an existing framework you will need to be logged in as the school admin user. 

To create a new subject you first need to:

  • Login as admin
  • Select Customisation > Customise Classroom Monitor for your School > Customise School Curriculum.
  • This takes you to the Subject Search screen. Here, you should select the Curriculum you want to add the subject(s) into and click 'Search'.
  • You will be shown a list of subjects currently in that subject. Press the green 'Create New' button in the bottom right hand corner.

You will see a pop up which asks whether you want to create a new subject or create a new curriculum and then subjects.

In this help page, it is assumed that you are adding a subject to an existing curriculum so you should leave 'Create a new subject' ticked and continue to follow the instructions on the rest of this page.

If you do want to create a new curriculum for your subject, follow the instructions on the 'Add a new curriculum' page.

This will trigger another pop-up asking you whether you want to create that subject. Select 'No' if you don't want to, select 'Yes, Create'' if this is the only subject that you want to create at the moment or select 'Create & Add Another' if you want to continue creating more subjects.

A new button will then appear on the bottom right for you to 'Add Abilities'. You must add abilities before the subject will appear anywhere in Classroom Monitor. Please visit the '
Adding Abilities' help page to support you in assigning ability levels to your subject.

If you only need the subject to work in the Attainment and Progress area for recording attainment scores then you do not need to do anything else. Once you have created the abilities, you can start using the subject.

If you want to use the subject in the Assessment Markbooks, you will need to add objectives to the subject along with any strands that you require them for organisation:

  • Build Strands: allows you to add strands to your subject if you choose. Visit the 'Subject Strands' help page for more information on what this involves.
  • Objectives: allows you to move directly onto assigning objectives without creating strands in your subject. Visit the 'Managing objectives' help pages for more information.

Once ability levels and objectives have been added, you will be able start to recording assessment judgements in the Pupil and Class Markbooks with information feeding into the other modules in the same way as for existing subjects.

NB When new subjects are created, the hexagon terminology and weighting and scoring thresholds will use defaults rather than those set up for the rest of that curriculum. You can 
change your thresholds in the customisation tool (if necessary) but you will need to contact us to change your hexagon terminology and weightings.

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