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Both the Class and Pupil markbooks use a simple traffic light system to record attainment against assessment criteria. Each hexagon within the class markbook can be marked with a colour, each of which represent an assessment status.

By default the colours represent the following assessment status:

  • White = Unassessed (U) – not as yet assessed.
  • Red = Target (T) – you may have started to teach but would like more work done on a particular objective.
  • Yellow = Almost (A) – working towards an objective showing some understanding.
  • Green = Met (M) – shows you are confident a pupil has met, secured, consolidated an objective.

The meaning of these colours can however be changed for each school within the admin area of Classroom Monitor.

The Early Years Foundation Stage only uses Unassessed, Almost and Met - Target is not included as standard though if you would like to use Red through the EYFS It can be requested to be added however.

In some other assessment frameworks, other approaches are used dependent on the recommendation by the providing publisher, for example in the Rising Stars Progression Framework (NC14) an additional 'E' for Exceeding is included to allow teachers to record when a pupil has exceeded expectations for a Stage.

A left mouse-click changes the colour of a hexagon so assuming the box starts as White (Unassessed), the colours will change to:

  • 1 Click = Red (Target)
  • 2 Clicks = Yellow (Almost)
  • 3 Clicks = Green (Met)
  • 4 Clicks = Blue (Blue)

If you click again, the box will return to White (Unassessed)

There are a number of ways to speed up the recording of assessment which you can find out about from this help page.

To view this help as a video, please click here.

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