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In the top left hand corner of the Class Markbook, you will see some buttons. This help page provides guidance on what happens when you click the 'Adjust Scores' button or click the 'Save Markbook' button after making some changes in the markbook that will affect pupils' attainment scores.

If you use the Classroom Monitor app as your main method of recording assessment, you should periodically load the relevant class markbooks and press 'Adjust Scores' in order for overall scores to be calculated and checked.

The purpose of this screen is to give teachers control of the attainment scores that are recorded for pupils. No scores will be saved without being given the opportunity to check them and use professional judgement to tweak them if necessary.

What Information is Shown?

Working from right to left:

Percentage Score

A percentage score is calculated whenever a user saves the markbook and represents coverage of that set of objectives. It is calculated within the pupil’s current ability band by looking at the objectives that each pupil has been assessed against out of the total number of objectives available in that markbook. The calculation takes into account the colour of each assessment recorded and uses the weightings for each colour that have been set up in your school.

The percentages will always relate to the current ability band that a child’s automatic score is within. For example, imagine a child is currently a 3 Sec. His percentage will reflect coverage of stage 3. If the teacher starts to record some elements of stage 4, the percentage will continue to show coverage of stage 3 until that child has an automatic score of the lowest band in stage 4 (e.g. 4 Beg). At this point the percentage will switch to showing coverage of stage 4.

Automatic Score

The scores under the heading 'Automatic Score' are descriptive labels to represent the percentage scores that have been generated. This uses the assessment terminology and thresholds that are set for your school.

Manual Score

Scores under manual score can be selected by the teacher to override an automatic score.

Most Recent Summative Assessment

Each pupil's most recently record summative assessment is shown here for information purposes only. Summative assessment is entered directly in the Attainment and Progress area. If no relevant summative assessment is recorded you will see N/A here.

How Do I Change a Pupil's Score?

The only way to change the percentage score, and therefore the automatic score, is by changing the hexagons clicked in the markbook and pressing 'Save Markbook'.

However, you can choose to enter a manual score which will then be used for tracking instead of the automatic score. To do this, you click the radio button in the pupil's manual score column and the select from the dropdown menu.

NB If users in your school often disagree with the automatic scoring you may want to consider changing your threshold and weightings.

What Happens When The Scores Are Saved?

If a pupil is set to automatic, their automatic score will be saved and transferred to the attainment and progress area and to the top of the markbook. Their percentage score will be viewable in the adjust scores screen and in the attainment and progress area.

If a pupil is set to manual, it is their manual score which will be saved and transferred to the attainment and progress area and to the top of the markbook. Their automatic score will still continue to be updated and visible in the adjust scores screen, it just won't be saved anywhere until they are switched back to automatic scoring. In addition, their percentage score will be shown but not saved and when percentage scores are viewed in pupil tracking, "Manual" will appear in their row.

How Do I Change a Pupil Back to "Automatic Scoring"?

Once you feel that a pupil's automatic score matches your professional judgement, you should switch them back to automatic scoring by clicking in the relevant radio button and pressing 'Save the selected scores and Return'. From that point onwards, the automatic score and percentage score will be shown in the attainment and progress area.

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