The markbook is where teachers can record assessment for pupils against assessment statements.It's used directly for formative assessment and feeds a number of outputs.


Quick Start Guide
A brief overview of the functionality available in the markbook. Take a look at the markbook overview video.

Loading a Markbook
How to load the markbook that you need at a particular point in time. Also available as a video guide.

Assessment Mode
How to use Assessment mode to record and view pupil attainment of specific objectives. Also available as a video guide.

Evidence Mode
Evidence mode allows you to store evidence of learning to support your assessment judgements and for sharing with others. Also available as a video guide.

Reporting Mode
Your markbooks contain lots of rich formative assessment for individual pupils. Reporting mode allows you to use this as a basis for your report writing. Also available as a video guide.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the new markbook?
When you login, you will see a link underneath the blue bar on your homepage.
Clicking here will take you into CM2018 where you will find the markbook selection menu.

Will assessments recorded in the Pupil and Class Markbooks transfer to this markbook? 
Yes. Any assessment that has been saved in the Class or Pupil Markbook will be visible in the new markbook.

How do I save the markbook?
If you are connected to the internet, assessments will be saved automatically so there is no need for a save button.

Where can I see pupils' attainment scores?
All scoring is viewed via pupil tracking.

How do I add evidence or add a comment to a report?
You will need to switch mode. Look at the markbook control bar at the top and you will see that you have three options: Assessment, Evidence and Reporting. Press the button to select the one you need.

Can I still use the Class and Pupil Markbooks?
Yes. Until the new markbook is fully embedded with customers, we won't be switching the old markbook off. However, we would recommend moving to the new markbook as soon as you can as you will find it quicker and easier to use with some new functionality.

Can I use the markbook on a tablet / ipad?
If you are recording assessment and/or evidence using a tablet, we would recommend that you use the Classroom Monitor app.

How do I copy objectives and/or access resources?
A 'Planning mode' is under consideration which will incorporate this functionality. For the moment, you will need to return to the old Class Markbook to do this.

How do I switch a pupil between automatic and manual scoring?
For now this still needs to be done on the Adjust Scores screen in the old Class Markbook.