The most effective way of producing written reports within Classroom Monitor is to use the assessments recorded in the markbooks. This means that you can use what individual pupils have actually been learning as the basis for reports rather than starting from scratch.

You should load a markbook with the relevant pupils and objectives that you want to use in your reports. You may prefer to work on one subject at a time or all of your subjects at once- it’s up to you. Once your markbook is loaded, you can switch into Reporting mode.

When you go into 'Reporting mode', the current assessment colour for each tile is shown along with an icon to show whether it has been used in the selected reporting session.

Sending comments to reports

Your first step is to select the reporting session that you are writing reports for by using the dropdown in the top left. If you are unsure, please check with the CM Leader in your school.

Tip: When you select a session, any tiles that have already been used in that session will show an icon. This is to help you keep track of which tiles have already been used in a report.

Then you will need to select the tile(s) you need and press the 'Set' button to send the comment(s) to the relevant reports. Each pupil's name and relevant gender words will be added into the comment as appropriate. If your assessment framework has differentiated statements for each objective, what is added to the report will alter according to the colour of the tile.

Tip: Statements can be added from the Pupil Markbook if you would prefer to build your comments in this way. 

Viewing and Editing comments

The statements sent through from the markbook are intended to provide you with a storing foundation on which to base your reports. In most circumstances, teachers then go on to edit and add to these comments. To view or edit the text of a report, you will need to access the report editor.

You can also access our video guide to markbook reporting mode 

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