When you go into 'Evidence mode', the current assessment colour for each tile is shown. There will also be either the words ' No evidence' or a number indicating the number of pieces of evidence attached to that tile.

Types of evidence

You can collect and store a variety of evidence of learning in Classroom Monitor:

  • Notes: Type a note describing an observation or to reference where the evidence can be found e.g. Science book- Separation experiment write-up 21/12/17
  • Photos: A photo of learning in action or of the end product; for example, a picture of a D&T project or a snap of work in a maths book or on a mini whiteboard. Any image can be attached as type ‘photo’ so this could be a range of things such as a scanned image of work or an image that a pupil has created on a computer.
  • Short videos: The maximum file size you can store is 40MB; so not enough for the whole school play but enough for a pupil to explain how they solved a problem or perform a short role play.
  • Audio clips: This could be pupils performing poetry, audio clips of their reading or explaining their understanding.
  • Documents: This could be documents where you have placed a number of pieces of evidence or a document that a pupil has created themselves.

As with all aspects of assessment, you should make sure that anything you record is for a specific purpose, otherwise you are just creating extra work for yourself. Many people focus on evidence for showing what a pupil can do, but it is also valuable for showing what they can’t.

Attaching evidence

To add evidence, you need to click on one or more tiles and then press the 'Add' button in the top left.  In the Add Evidence window, you will see the pupil(s) and objective(s) that the evidence is being added for. To change these you need to return to the markbook by pressing the cross in the left hand corner of the Evidence sidebar.

From this window you can:

  • Type a note in the 'Notes' box
  • Change 'Evidence Type'
  • Change 'Recorded Date'
  • Upload a single file by dragging and dropping into the upload box or using the 'Select a file' button (the filename will appear at the top of the box to show it has been selected)

You must press the green 'Save Evidence' button to save the evidence.

Viewing evidence

To view evidence, you need to click on a tile and then press the 'View' button in the top left of the main markbook screen.

This will take you to a screen where you can view the evidence as in the image above. When you click on a piece of evidence in the list you will see a preview.

The evidence can be removed or downloaded by clicking the relevant buttons.

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