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The statement bank in Classroom Monitor is a fantastic resource to share statements between teachers in your school.

To make changes to the statement bank, click any 'SB' icon from the report editor page.

From here, you should click the 'Manage Statement Bank' button at the bottom of the screen.

The 'Manage Statement Bank' area will open. At the top you will see some menus that show how the statement bank is organised:

Folder: This is the top level folder which contains subjects by default. e.g. Science.

Sub Folder: This is the top level folder which contains sub-subjects by default. e.g. Working Scientifically.

Level: Comments can be assigned to a particular level. For NC14 these are organised by year for some subjects and by KS1, Lower KS2, Upper KS2 and KS3 for others. A comment can be assigned to 'General' rather than a particular level.

Type: Comments can be assigned to a type e.g. 'Met', 'Almost', 'Target' or 'General'.

Editing an existing statement
These instructions will change an existing statement for everyone in your school. Please see below if you want to edit a statement for your own personal use.
From the 'Manage Statement Bank' page, you will first need to make selections from the Folder and sub-folder dropdowns shown above. In addition, if you wish you can select from the level and type dropdowns and/or type some statement text. You will then need to press the search button. 

This will give you a list of statements relevant to your search and whether they are currently active or inactive.
To switch a statement off for your school, you can slide from active to inactive.

When you have located a statement that you want to edit, you should click on it. 

This will take you to the 'Edit statement' screen shown below. The text of the statement is shown in the large box. This can be treated as text and edited as you wish.

There are a number of codes used to personalise the statement with a particular pupil's name and relevant gender words. To include this coding, you should place your cursor in the relevant place then choose the blue button that you need.

The coding is as follows:

++ will give pupil name if it is the first appearance in the paragraph, otherwise he or she as appropriate

~~ will give him or her as appropriate

// will give his or her as appropriate

** will give himself or herself as appropriate

## will give pupil name followed by 's

To save any changes that you have made to the statement, you should press the 'Save' button.
If you want to exit without saving changes, you should click the 'Back' button.

Adding a new statement

Teachers have the ability to add statements to the statement bank for use across reports in your school. These can be added to any existing folders in the statement bank including any that may have been added within your school (see below). This can be really useful for adding common phrases or class-specific subject summaries which can then be added quickly into pupils' reports.
To add a statement, you should go to the 'Manage Statement Bank' page and select the folder and sub-folder that you would like it to be stored in. You can also select Level and Type if you wish; if you don't do this it will be stored as Level- General and Type- General. Then you should click the 'Add statement' button on the bottom left.
This will take you to the screen shown above where you can add a statement by typing it into the box. Remember to write the statement without names or gender words. The blue buttons can be used to add coding for these, if you wish, as described above.

Adding and Editing Folders and Sub-Folders
If you want to create a set of specific statements for yourself or your school, you may prefer to create a separate folder to keep them in e.g. Mrs Parker's statements or Crag School Extra-curricular statements. Alternatively, you can add a sub-folder to an already existing folder.

To add a folder, simply click the + icon next to the folder name.

To edit a folder name, click the pencil icon.

To remove a folder, click the cross icon.

The icons are the same for sub-folders, but remember to select the relevant folder first. Any folders or sub-folders that are added will be available to everyone in your school.

If you want to edit a statement from the statement bank for your own personal use, you should copy it into your own folder before making changes. To do this, open the statement and copy all of the text including the coding. You will then need to follow the instructions for adding a statement and paste the copied text into the relevant text box.

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