Assessments and evidence sync between the Classroom Monitor app and the  web-based version. The types of evidence that can be attached are:

  • photos
  • video clips
  • audio clips
  • files
  • notes

Evidence attached via the app can be viewed via a browser within Class MarkbooksPupil Markbooks and Learning Journeys and you can also share it with parents via online reporting.

Attaching Evidence From the Markbook

Step 1: Load the relevant markbook in the app (see recording assessment) NB All relevant objectives will need to be loaded at this point so select more than one subject if necessary.

Step 2: Select an objective by tapping on it. It will go grey.

Step 3: Select one or more pupils by tapping on them. It/they will go grey

Step 4: Press the blue '+'

Step 5: Select from the list of options: 

  • Take photo 
  • Record video 
  • Record audio
  • Attach file (if it is already on your device)
  • Add note (if you just want to record a note without uploading any files)

NB Clicking the blue 'x' will close the menu without uploading any evidence.

Step 6: You will be taken through the process of recording or attaching  the evidence. (NB if using an Android device, you should ensure that it  is the correct way up as the operating system will not put the photos in the  correct orientation)

Step 7:  Review your upload options on the 'Record Evidence' screen.

  • Click "Edit" on the left hand side to view the file that you are uploading.
  • Click "Add a note" to save a note alongside any file that you are attaching.
  • Select and deselect objectives to attach the evidence to by touching them. Evidence will be attach to all grey objectives.
  • Select and deselect pupils to attach the evidence to by touching the pupil names. Evidence will be attached to all grey pupils.

  Step 8: Press the orange 'Save' button in the top right hand corner to save your evidence.

Attaching Evidence from the 'Recent  Activities' Page

Evidence  can be attached from the recent activities page in two ways:

  • Clicking the '+' in a recently assessed objective will allow you to quickly add evidence to that particular assessment.

Clicking the blue '+' at the bottom of the page  will allow you to attach evidence without loading a markbook first. The 'Record  Evidence' screen will load with the most recent markbook selections (empty if  you have just logged in). You will make your selections using the menus.

Viewing and Editing Evidence

Icons will appear in the markbook to show whether a pupil has evidence for the  selected objective.

So for example, in the image on the right. For the selected objective we can  see that:

  • Kunal has one note and two photos as evidence.
  • Amy has a photo.
  • Benjamin has an audio file.

To view the evidence, you simply touch on the relevant icon. NB While you  can always access evidence records, the actual evidence files (photos, videos,  audio clips) are no longer available on the app once you log out of the session  where you attached them. To view these evidence files you will need to  access them via your browser; please visit our Viewing evidence help  page for guidance.

If you have saved a note as evidence, you can edit the text of the note from within the app. Click on the note icon to view the note, then click the pencil icon to open the text of the note, edit and save.

Any other editing of evidence can only be done in your browser; please visit our Viewing evidence help page for guidance.

To view the App help video, please click here.

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