These are summary documents that can be generated to visually show progress made against each assessment objective for individual pupils.

They are ideal for those schools that do not want to send detailed, written reports home to parents as they are generated as individual PDF documents in which your school logo can be included.

As they show progress at the objective level rather than as a score they are useful for showing progress when a score would not be meaningful for example over a short time frame or for pupils who are not making rapid progress.

They can be created to cover any pupils, subjects and timeframe that you require by following the steps below:

1. From the homepage, select Markbooks > Assessment Summaries

2. Select Pupils:
- Open the cohort dropdown to see the groups you have access to.

- Select a class or group by clicking on it.

- Pupils can be selected and unselected using the tick boxes.

3. Select Subjects:

- Click to open 'Select Subjects' area

- Select curriculum(s)

- Select subject(s)

NB Only subjects with assessment will appear in the output regardless of selections

4. Select Timeframe:
- Click to open 'Select Timeframe' area
- Select timeframe options

  • Now isn’t usually relevant for this output as it will select only one month.
  • This term will show the latest assessment recorded for each month of the current term.
  • This year isn't usually relevant for this output as it will show the latest assessment recorded for each month of the current year which is likely to produce too many columns.
  • Terms from this year will show the latest assessment recorded in the last month of each term of this academic year i.e. up to 3 months depending on when it is generated.
  • Choose from below allows you to pick any months that you want to. This will allow you to view assessment made in particular key months e.g. when you have your assessment weeks.

5. Below this, you will see the different assessment summary outputs that are available to you. Click on 'Assessment Progress Report'.

6. Tick and untick the boxes to indicate which of the options that you want to include:

  • Highlight assessment colours: If you tick this, the boxes will be coloured the relevant colours (e.g. 'Met' will be shown in a filled green box). If this is unticked, the relevant words (e.g. Almost) will be shown in black and white.
  • Include school logo: This option will appear if your school logo has been uploaded in the admin area.
  • Include front cover: This will generate a front cover with school and pupil details which can be useful if sending home as a report.
  • Include ability names: This option allows you to select whether to show the ability level that each statement is from.

7. Press the 'Generate' button NB It may take a couple of minutes to generate the files.

8. Individual documents can be downloaded by clicking on the 'Download' icon in the relevant row. If you want to download all of them at once, you should use the orange 'Download All' button. The PDF files can then be saved on your computer or printed.

NB If a pupil that you selected does not appear in the list, this will mean that they have no assessment recorded that meets the criteria that you set.

To view this help as a video, please click here.

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