What information is transferred from 2BAP into Classroom Monitor?

When you record evidence in 2BAP, this will transfer to the relevant pupils and objectives in Classroom Monitor and the relevant hexagons will be coloured yellow. Once this information is in the relevant markbook, you can edit it in the same way that you normally would (e.g. changing the hexagon to green). 

How do we set up a link between 2BAP and Classroom Monitor?

The connection is set up by 2 Build a Profile so you will need to contact them (support@2buildaprofile.com).  They will take care of the process and notify you when it is complete. 

Why isn't evidence transferring from 2BAP to Classroom Monitor?

This would suggest that the connection has either not been set up or something is not working as it should. As the connection is handled by 2Simple, you will need to contact them for investigation support@2buildaprofile.com.

Can previous observations made on 2BAP be transferred to Classroom Monitor?

This is possible. The data transfer will need to be carried out by 2Simple support@2buildaprofile.com

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