You must be logged in as Admin to change your default school reporting templates.

If none of the preset templates meet your needs, you can edit one to create your own bespoke template. Login as the school admin user than navigate to Customisation > Report Templates.

You will be taken to a screen containing any bespoke templates that have already been created for your school as well as the Classroom Monitor presets.

If you click on any template title, you can view that template as a word document. This will show you the report layout and contain various boxes with code in curly brackets. The codes tell Classroom Monitor which information needs to be put into the boxes when the reports are generated.

You should choose the template that is closest to your needs and press the Edit button next to it or press the 'Create New Template' button.

This will take you to the report template editor screen, where you can begin to amend aspects of the template.

You should give the template a name. If you pressed an edit button then the name of the default template will be in the box and you should change it. Then you should work down through the steps:

1) Open example report template, choose design:Click on an icon to open the report template; if you pressed the 'Create New Template' button, you will see all of the available presets here. You will need to edit this word document to create your template.

2) Upload your school logo: You will need to upload your school logo if this has not already been done.

3) Amend the template fields: Open the PDF document. This contains the codes contained in curly brackets { }. Part of the document is shown below.

You need to choose a piece of code to go in each box in the word template that you opened. The boxes will already contain code so you should delete any that you don't want and replace with what you do want. It is possible to enter more than one code in a box should you want to do so. Some subjects appear more than once because they appear in more than one curriculum. The curriculum short code can be seen in the code e.g. RSPF = Rising Stars Progression Framework.

You should choose which pieces of code to enter as follows:
Bookmark: Should be used if you want the main comment that has been written for that subject in the report editor.
Target Bookmark: Should be used if you want the target comment that has been written for that subject in the report editor.
Level Bookmark: Should be used if you want the score for that subject that appears in the tracking area. (NB the most recently recorded score that has been saved for the pupil will be used in the report regardless of whether this is recorded as Teacher Assessment or Summative Assessment)
Target Level Bookmark: Should be used if you want the target score for that subject that appears in the tracking area.

Save the word document on your computer when you have finished.

4) Upload your new template: Here you can upload your new report template.

You will first need to select the template type: KS1-4 for key stages 1-4 or FS template for Foundation Stage.

NB - Key Stage Bookmarks are only valid with the corresponding Key Stage Templates i.e KS1-4 bookmarks can only be used within KS1-4 templates

Press the 'Browse' button, find the document in the location that you saved it, and press open.

Once the filename has appeared, you can press the 'Upload Template' button.

5) Preview: Here you can preview an example report to check that you are happy with it. If not, you can edit your word document, save it, then upload it again.
6) Save: Once you are happy you should press the 'Update Template' /'Save New Template' button in the bottom right
7) Template ready to use: Users will need to know the template name so that they can select this template from within the 
Write Reports area before they start writing their reports.

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