There are a number of preset report templates available in Classroom Monitor. It is advisable to familiarise yourself with these preset report templates to decide which one teachers should use in a particular reporting session. They will then choose the correct template in the Write Reports screen.

The templates come in a variety of common formats and contain coding which tells Classroom Monitor the particular subjects, comments and scores that you want to use in your reports.

It is possible to customise these report templates if you wish. Please visit the bespoke report templates page for guidance.

If you are choosing to use one of the preset report templates, you can still use your own school logo. The school admin user will need to upload it. To upload the school logo into a template, the school admin user needs to login and navigate to Customisation > Report Templates. You will be taken to a screen containing all of the report templates.

If you click on any template title, you can view that template as a word document. This will show you the report layout and contains various boxes with code in curly brackets. The codes tell Classroom Monitor which information needs to be put into the boxes when the reports are generated.

Press the Edit button next to the report template that you are using.

This will take you to this screen where you can upload your school logo by clicking on '2) Upload your school logo'.

You should press the 'browse' button to find the file on your computer and then press the 'upload' button.

Your school logo will then appear in the report template and any written reports based on it.

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