NB Online reporting is only suitable for schools with an MIS sync to Classroom Monitor. This is because all parent information needs to be on the system and there is no way to import this. The manual process involves adding parents one by one so is only suitable if your school is small.

An online reporting session can contain different types of information. The admin user selects which sections are included as well as setting the parameters for the information that will be shared within each section. They can be generated for the whole school or groups of pupils.

Welcome Message: This is written by the school and can be personalised with the name of the parent and school.

Report Download: Written reports can be shared through online reporting if you choose.

Attainment & Progress: Current and/or historic attainment scores can be shared in a graph format. These will be feed in from scores saved in the Attainment and Progress area of Classroom Monitor.

Targets & Achievements: Markbook assessments can be shared to show each pupils achievements and/or targets. The admin user specifies the maximum number of red, yellow, green and blue statements to be shared. Evidence of learning and resources can also be made available alongside these statements.

To set up online reports, the admin user should follow the instructions on our Online Reporting Session Setup help page.

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