You must be logged in as Admin to make changes to your Additional Grades in Classroom Monitor

In Classroom Monitor, you can create 'Additional Grades' to be used for internal tracking purposes or for reporting to parents. Additional grades are records that are associated with a subject but are not overall scores saved as Teacher Assessment (TA) or Summative Assessment (SA). Examples might include a type of grade such as 'Effort', 'Behaviour' or 'Attitude to Learning' or recording a qualitative judgement such as below age related expectation, at age related expectation or above age related expectation. You can create any number of additional grades and associate them with selected subjects. For example, you may wish to have 'Homework' grades for English and Maths but not for any other subjects. The admin user can create these additional grades; associate them with a subject or subjects and select the scale that will be used to record them.

To create or edit additional grades, you will need to login as the admin user. You should then select Customisation > Customise Classroom Monitor for your school. Then select additional grades from the menu.

This will take you to a screen which lists any additional grades that have been already been set up for your school.

You can search the records using the search box at the top or navigate to different pages using the numbers below the list on the first page. To edit any existing additional grades you should press the edit button in the corresponding row.

To create a new additional grade, you should press the 'Add New' button.

You should fill in all of the fields:

Code: You will need to add a short code to identify your grade (e.g. eff)

Name: Here you should enter the name of the additional grade. If this is to be used for more than one subject then you should make it generic (e.g. 'Effort' rather than 'Science Effort')

Subject Name: All of the subjects that are active in your account will be listed in this box- these may come from more than one curriculum. Tick the box next to the subject(s) that you want the additional grade to be available in.

You will then need to select a Series Name from the dropdown menu. You will find a wide selection of pre-defined scales in this menu that you can choose from.

The Status then needs to be set as 'Active' if you want it to show in your account and 'Inactive' if you do not. You should then press the 'Save' button. Users will then be able to record these additional grades in the Attainment and Progress area.

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