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The Homepage Favourites are the graphs that all teachers and SLT users see on the right hand side of the homepage when they login to their teacher accounts. Users can save graphs to this area if they wish (see this link) but in this help page we are looking at whole school settings for the Classroom Monitor Homepage Favourites which need to be set up by the school admin user.

Admin users can change the settings for these Classroom Monitor Homepage Favourites so that they show the relevant curriculum(s), subjects and timeframe for your school.

Step 1. Login as admin user

Step 2. Choose Curriculum Settings --> Homepage Favourites.

Step 3Select from the options:

Any options that are currently being used will be shown on this page. These can be changed to suit your needs by ticking and unticking the relevant boxes. Please note that the settings will apply to all users in your school.

a) Curriculum(s): All of the curriculums that your school has access to will be shown in the list. You can select more then one curriculum and the relevant information will automatically display for the children selected. If assessment data for the selected group was not recorded in the timeframe selected, then the subject will not appear on the graph. For example, if you have selected both EYFS and Rising Stars subjects, and are viewing a graph for a reception class, it will most likely only show EYFS subjects and for a year 5 class it will most likely only show Rising Stars subjects.

b) Subjects: The relevant subjects will be shown for the selected curriculums. You should select the key subjects that you want to show on the homepage. You should keep this to a small number in order to keep the graphs useful.

c) Start Date: You should select the date that you want to measure progress from. Depending on your framework, this might be the end of the last academic year or the start of the current one.

d) End Date: The 'end date' is the date that the attainment graphs will use and the date that progress will be measured to. Most schools want to show current attainment and the most up to date progress and this can be achieved by clicking in the 'Now' tick box. If you want a specific date as your end date, this can be selected if the now box is unticked.

e) Save: Once you have selected the settings you need, you should press the 'Save' button in the bottom right hand corner.

Step 4: These changes apply overnight so can take up to 24 hours before you see them in the homepage graphs. From that point onwards, the graphs will be displayed with the settings you have chosen for all users in your school.

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