Additional grades are records that are associated with a subject in addition to any scores saved as Teacher Assessment (TA) or Summative Assessment (SA). Examples might include a type of grade such as 'Effort', 'Behaviour' or 'Attitude to Learning' that sits alongside other scores within subjects. You might also want to use these to add lables such as 'On track', 'Below track' or 'Above track' so that these can be used in reports to share where a child is in relation to age realted expectations.

The admin user must create additional grades; associate them with a subject or subjects and select the scale that will be used before you can start to record them. Additional grades can be added and edited in either the Pupil Tracking area or via the Edit Reports screen- information automatically transfers between the two. Once entered, the additional grades can be used in online reports and written reports to parents or simply for internal records.

Entering grades in Pupil Tracking

1. Load a pupil tracking table for the relevant pupil(s), subjects(s) and timeframe.

2. Select 'Addtional Grades' from the 'Further Options' menu in the control bar then press 'Generate Table' to reload the table with a column for the additional grades.

3. An extra column will appear in the table for the additional grade. You will then be able to select a specific grade from the dropdown for each pupil. The dropdown will show the scale set by your admin user. As you click on scores, they should flash green to show that they are automatically being saved. If a score flashes red, this indicates that the score has not been saved which usually indicates a problem with your internet connection.

Entering Grades in Edit Reports

1. Load up the edit reports screen.

2. Press the '+' button next to a subject.

3. All pupils in the class will be listed along with their most recently entered Additional Grade for that subject.

Change/add additional grades using the dropdowns.

You can change all values at once using the dropdown at the top then tweak as necessary.

If you do not want an additional grade to appear for a particular pupil you can click the cross in their row.

Press save to save changes. These will appear in the current month in pupil tracking.

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