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You must be logged in as a teacher/SLT member to write reports in Classroom Monitor.

The Report Editor is accessed via Reporting to Parents > Write Reports on the homepage. This takes you to the Write Reports screen that you can see in the image below.

More details on the Write Reports screen can be found on the Written Report Setup help page. In summary, you will need to select from the given menus to set up your reports.

To access the report editor, you can either press the 'Write Reports' button to see all subjects or click on a relevant box in the table to access a particular pupil's report for a particular subject (you can switch between pupils and/or subjects from within the Report Editor).

At the top of the Report Editor screen you will see some controls:

  • Select group: Select from the dropdown to switch to a different group.
  • Pupil: Select from the dropdown to switch to a different pupil in the selected group.
  • Reporting Session: Select from the dropdown to switch to a different reporting session.

  • Save button: Saves what is currently in the text box. You should get into the habit of saving regularly. If you switch view or leave this page, you will be prompted to save. However, if you simply close your browser window, saving will not happen automatically.
  • Exit button: This will take you back to the 'Write reports' screen.
  • Spell Check button: This will spell check only the text that is currently on the screen. If you want to spell check the whole of a pupil's report at once, then you should make sure that you are viewing all subjects. 
  • Preview Report button: Allows you to preview this pupil's report in the template with content added. N.B. Report previews will have the watermark 'Report Preview' and will be locked for editing. If you unlock the Word document and make changes to it, these changes will not save back into the Classroom Monitor website.
  • ? button: This button will only appear when you have a small browser size and will allow you to toggle on screen help on and off.
  • Select Subjects: Subjects can be viewed / hidden by opening the orange 'Select Subjects' bar.

In the main part of the screen, you will see:

Subject title
Current score: The attainment score currently stored for the pupil for that subject.
Main comment box
Target comment box

You will then notice some buttons down the side of each box which are explained below.
SB: Gives access to the 
Statement Bank
Plus icon: To add 
Additional Grades
Tick box: When you are happy that a subject report for a pupil is complete, tick next to the subject report and it will be ticked as 'complete' on the grid on the 
previous screen so that you can keep a track of where you are up to in your report writing. It is advisable to spell check the section before marking it as complete.




To view this help as a video, please click here

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