Looking For The Classroom Monitor 2018 Markbook Help Page

You must be logged in as a teacher/SLT member to access the Markbooks in  Classroom Monitor

To view evidence that has been attached to markbooks you can go via a markbook,  via the app or output it to a Learning Journey document. Any of these can be use regardless of whether the evidence was saved in the app or via the browser.  Instructions for viewing evidence through each method are given below.

1. Open  the relevant class or pupil markbook.

2. Right click any hexagon with the evidence icon.

3. Select 'View Evidence/Resources'.

4. Evidence will appear as a list.

  • Links will open the relevant files. 
  • Edit button allows you to change the objectives and/or pupils that the evidence is attached to.

Cross button allows you to delete it

View Evidence In The App

NB You can only view evidence files that were saved in the app and if you have not logged out of the app since it was saved. If this isn't the case, you will need to view and/or edit the evidence via the browser.

1. Open the relevant markbook
 2. Click on the objective
 3. Click on a pupil's name and click the icon for the evidence you want to review.
 Please visit the 
app help page for more guidance.

View Evidence in a Document

The Learning Journey is a PDF document which collates the evidence that has been saved for a particular pupil, in particular subject(s) during a specified timeframe. Visit the Learning Journey help page to find out more. 

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