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 As well as being able to add evidence to the markbook via the assessment hexagons, it is also possible to add evidence linked to pupil records without linking to particular assessments.
 To do this, click the magnifying glass underneath a pupil's name on the markbook.

This will display any evidence already linked to that pupil that isn't linked to any particular assessment hexagons.

To add evidence to the pupil record, sometimes referred to as 'pastoral evidence', simply click the 'Add evidence / resource' tab and add a note (see help page) or a file(see help page). 

Once this type of evidence has been saved, a star icon will appear on the magnifying glass under that pupil's name. Pupil-level evidence will appear on all markbooks that pupil appears in, not just for this particular subject.

To view this help as a video, please click here.
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