On this page, you will find the answers to some frequently asked questions from users of the Classroom Monitor Online Reports. Detailed help is available in the Online Reports help pages.

Admin: How Do I Set Up An Online Reporting Session?

To set up and online reporting session, you can click on the link provided. It has step-by-step instructions walking you through how to set up your own reporting session for your school. Setting up an online reporting session.

Why Can I Only See A Few Parents In My Online Reporting Session?

This is likely to be because you haven't invited them in the 'Parent Selection' section. Only parents who have been invited in the 'Parent Selection' will be able to be picked in the final 'Invite Parents' section. You must be logged in as administrator to make these changes. You can add additional parents by, clicking on 'Reporting sessions / Reporting Sessions. Next, click the 'Edit' button for the reporting session you want to add parents to.

Why Are Parents Missing On Classroom Monitor, But Have Been Added And Assigned An Email Address On Our MIS System?

This could be that the parents have been to set up differently when the email accounts were added on your MIS system. Setting the account to home/work/office could result in the details not syncing with us. The best way to check this, is by checking that the missing parents are set up the same way on your MIS system as as a parent account that is showing on Classroom Monitor.

Can I Set Up A Reporting Session Ready Before I Have Collected All Of My Parent's Email Addresses?

Yes, you can set up an online reporting session as long as you have at least one parent's email address. You can not set up an online reporting session, if you do not have any parent accounts. For step-by-step instructions explaining how to set up an online reporting session click this link: Online Reporting.

We Do Not Have An MIS Sync. How Do We Set Up Parent Accounts?

You can set up parent accounts by logging in to the administrator account. Click on the link to find step-by-step instructions of how to set up your parent accounts.

Can I Show Attendance Information In An Online Report?

If attendance information exists for the pupil in Classroom Monitor (usually through MIS sync) then it will be shown as a graph in the online report. There is currently no way to exclude this information. If there is no attendance data in Classroom Monitor, then this section will not show.

My Question Isn't Listed Here. What Should I Do?

You could also try searching using the search box in the top right hand corner. If you are still unable to find the answer to your issue here, please contact us.

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