Viewing a Single Pupil's Progress Against Targets

1. In pupil/graph view, select Choose Pupils/Subjects/Timeframe.

2. Select the pupil that you want to view by deselecting all but one pupil.

3. Select the subject(s) and date(s) that you want to appear on the graph.

4. Press 'Generate Graph'.

5. An attainment graph will be shown. You can then select the target you want from the middle section

6. To display this target on the graph, press 'Target' on the green control bar.

This will generate a graph which adds the target start date to any date(s) selected, as shown below.

A solid line is plotted between recorded attainment and a dotted line is plotted between the target start and end score. When a pupil is below this line they are below target and when they are above it they are above target. In this example, you can see that the individual is currently making slower progress than would be expected to achieve his target.

NB These graphs can be generated for one or more pupils in one or more subjects but as the number of pupils and subjects increases, the graph becomes more difficult to interpret and you may prefer to use a group on track graph as outlined below.

Viewing a Group's Progress Against Targets

The 'Group On Track' graph summarises the proportion of a group who are currently below track, on track or above track to meet a target.

1. With 'Group' and 'Graph' selected, select the pupils and subjects included in the target you wish to view NB the current date will be used so it is not necessary to select a date.

2. Select the target from the dropdown on the right hand side of the choose area.

3. Press 'Generate Graph'

4. In the green control bar, select 'On Track Spread'

If you have selected a single subject you will see a pie chart.

 If you have selected more than one subject you will see a bar graph with each subject shown in a different colour.

Pupils included in a section or bar can be viewed by clicking on it.

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