The Target Setting area in Classroom Monitor can only be accessed by those members of staff who have 'Can Set Targets' ticked in User Management. It is then accessed by logging in with the relevant SLT/teacher login details. Please be aware that it is not possible to set targets for the EYFS curriculum.

When a Pupil Tracking Table or Group Tracking Table is displayed with at least one subject and at least one pupil, the Target Setting button will appear.

This page is intended to enable you to set your targets once you have made some key decisions.

NB: The Target Setting area is intended for a user to create a target for an entire group of pupils and for multiple subjects at once, e.g. 'Cohort 18 End KS2 targets' as opposed to 'Cohort 18 English Targets' or 'Chloe Gibbons Targets'.

When you press the Target Setting button, you will be given a set of options:

1.Click Create New Target

2.Target Name: Give the target set a name which will be unique to this set of targets and the academic year. It should also be understandable by the staff members that you want to use it.

3.As you are setting a new target, 'Active' will be selected by default.

4.Subject selection: This fold out area contains the curricula and subjects available to your school. The ones that you had loaded up initially will be automatically selected in this area. Howver, you can open this area to add and remove subjects as you wish.

5.The target setting area: Each subject has its own row where you can set the details of the target:

  • Subject for Target: The subject that the target will be set for
  • Start Subject: The same subject will be selected by default although you can change this if you wish
  • Start Date: This will automatically default to the first date where Classroom monitor has data for those pupils. You may wish to change this for example to the start of the current school year
  • End Date: The date that pupils will be expected to achieve this target.
  • Points per year: Select this if you wish to set a number of points per year as a target. You can read more about whether you should use points on this help page. You can select the number of points from the dropdown menu. This will then be applied to each pupil's score in that subject in the start date that you have set.  Please be aware that if you are using a subject with a percentage scale, it will round the points per year to the closest ability level, meaning that gap to target can differ from the points you set.
  • End Target: Select this is you want to set a particular score (e.g 6 Sec) that all pupils should achieve in this subject by the target end date. You can select the score from the dropdown menu.

For each subject, a straight line target will be generated for each individual between their start and end point. Each individual's line can then used to measure whether they are below, on or above target at any given point between these two dates. This can mean that even if two pupils have the same end target, differences in start point can mean that the same score is judged to be on target for one pupil and below target for another as one will need to make more rapid progress to achieve the end target than the other.

Once you have clicked 'Save' you will be asked if you want to display the targets on the pupil grid. If you select yes, you will then 
view the targets in a table.

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