Targets can only be edited by users who have been given permission to do so. You must be logged in as a teacher/SLT member to access the Attainment and Progress areas in Classroom Monitor.

You can edit a target for individual pupils or for all pupils:

Editing a Target For Individual Pupils

To edit a target for an individual pupil you will need to load up a pupil table with the relevant target applied.

Removing a pupil from a target

If it is not appropriate for a pupil to be included in a target, e.g. because of their special educational needs, you can remove them. To remove a pupil from a target, you can simply click on the red '-' next to their name. This has been done for Amy in the image below and you can see that she no longer has a target in this subject.

Adding a Pupil Into a Target

New pupils and pupils who have previously had the target disapplied will be visible in the table with no target applied and a green '+' next to their name. To add a pupil into the target, you will need to have a score recorded for the subject on at least one date. You then need to click this '+' next to their name in each of the relevant subjects. The target will then be applied to them using their score on the start date or the earliest recorded score if this isn't available.

Changing an Individual's End Target

You may want to change an individual's end target in a subject by making it higher or lower than others in the group. To do this, you can just select the target score that you want from the dropdown in the target end date column. In the image below, Grace's target is being changed to a 6 Exc. This target will then automatically be applied to this subject from now on.

Editing a Target For All Pupils

To add or remove subjects or change a target's settings, you should first 
generate a table with relevant pupils, subjects and timeframe and then click the 'Target Setting' button in the middle section. Then select 'Edit Existing Target' and select the target you want from the dropdown menu. All active targets will be listed by default; if you want to edit a target which is currently inactive, you can access it by clicking the 'Inactive' radio button.

To Add or Remove a Subject From This Target

Open the 'Subject Selection' area to see which subjects are already included. Here you can select and deselect subjects from the curricula that your school uses by ticking and unticking in the relevant boxes. Making changes here will then be reflected at the bottom of the screen where you will also need to change the settings for any new subject to specify what should be used to create the target. As soon as this is saved, the target will be available for all subjects specified.

To Change a Subject's Target Settings

For each subject selected, any of the settings can be changed at the bottom of the screen. As soon as these are saved the new target will be applied.

NB Pupil exceptions: If you have altered targets for individual pupils, these will be displayed in the edit target area as you can see in the image below. If you want the individuals to be included in the changes that you are saving, you should leave them ticked. If you do not want the changes to apply to a pupil/pupil(s) you should untick the box next to their name.

Deleting a Target

You can remove a target from your school's list if it is no longer in use for any pupils, for example if they are targets that are only applicable to the previous academic year. To do this, you should load up some pupils in the table- it doesn't matter who they are. You should then click the Target Setting button in the middle section. Then select 'Edit Existing Target' and select the target you want from the dropdown menu. You then need to click the inactive radio button and press save.

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