In 2016, the government introduced new primary accountability measures in England to go alongside the new end of key stage tests. A key part of this was a new way of measuring progress from the end of KS1 to the end of KS2.

Step by step instructions are given below for generating tables such as the one shown here which allows you to view current attainment data broken down by prior attainment group. This particular table shows the current breakdown in scores in reading for each of the prior attainment groups that have been set. As with all group tracking tables, you can click on the links to find out who the children are. 


You can also choose to view the data as a graph if you prefer.


This guide assumes that you are already familiar with the Attainment and Progress area of Classroom Monitor so will not go into great detail on each of the steps outlined below. If you need further help and guidance on general use of the Attainment and Progress module, please visit our Tracking Groups pages.

Step 1: Create Prior Attainment groups

Your prior attainment groups will only need to be set up once for each cohort as these can then be used throughout the next key stage. If you prepare a list of pupils who should be in each prior attainment group you can simply create the groups via Group Management.

Step 2: Generate tables/graphs to compare groups

If you have never used Classroom Monitor to compare data for different groups you may find it useful to read the Comparing data help pages first.

  • Start in Group Tracking
  • Select your first group along with subject(s) and a date
  • Press the multiple selections button
  • Select your second group- subjects(s) and date should remain the same
  • Press the multiple selections button
  • Select your third group- subjects(s) and date should remain the same
  • Press ‘generate table’

Step 3: Save tables/graphs as favourites

By saving as a favourite, you will be able to open the table/ graph at any time without having to go through these steps. The favourite can also be shared with other Classroom Monitor users as appropriate.