You must be logged in as a teacher/SLT member to access the Attainment and Progress areas in Classroom Monitor

Tables and graphs can be saved as favourites in Classroom Monitor to provide quick and easy access to them without having to load all of the specific elements required. Favourites can be accessed from within the pupil or group tracking areas towards the top of the page on the right hand side as shown in the image below. It is also possible to view favourite graphs via the homepage favourites area.

Saving a Favourite

1. Make your selections to load the graph or table in either the Group or Pupil Tracking area. To find out more about how to do this, please visit this help page.
 TOP TIP: If you want your favourite to always show the most up to date data available, you should select "Now" as your timeframe.
2. Generate Table/Graph

3. Click the ‘Save/Update’ button in the Favourites area.

4. Type a name for the favourite
 See below if you are an SLT user and want to share this favourite with other users

5. Click ‘Save Favourite’. 

Sharing Favourites With Other Teachers

Only SLT users can share favourites. Users can be set as SLT in the User Management area  in the admin login.

1. Follow steps 1-4 above.

  2. Tick the users on the list that you want to share the favourite with.

  3. Click 'Save as Favourite'.

Opening a Favourite In Pupil Or Group Tracking

1. Click on the Open button in the Favourites area within pupil or group tracking

2. Your next step will depend on whether you want to open a Classroom Monitor created favourite:

2a) Classroom Monitor Favourites: These are set graphs created by Classroom Monitor.

i) Select group from dropdown.

  • Whole School (SLT only)
  • Year groups (SLT only)
  • Classes and groups (All users)

ii) Choose graph to view: Attainment Spread, Attainment Breakdown, Progress Spread or Progress Breakdown

iii) Press 'Open Favourite'

2b) User Favourites: These are specific tables or graphs that have been saved by you or other users in your school have shared with you.
i) Open dropdown
ii) Scroll to bottom of list
iii) Select favourite. Each favourite will be listed underneath the creator's name.
ress 'Open Favourite'

Editing or Deleting Favourites

1. Open the favourite as usual

2a) Make any changes that are required then press the Save/Update button.
  - If you want to save a new version and preserve the original use 'save as' and type a new name
  - If you want to edit the existing favourite click the 'Update Favourite' option.

2b) To delete a favourite: Choose ‘Inactive’ underneath the name.

3. Press the 'Update Favourite' button to save changes.

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