When Classroom Monitor is first set up for a school, in most instances some groups (e.g. classes) are automatically created. You can also create your own groups of pupils for use in markbooks, the app and when tracking data. This can be useful for teaching sets and intervention groups as well as for smaller in-class groups such as guided reading groups.

When creating groups, remember:

  • One pupil can belong to any number of different groups. All assessments made are attached to the pupil record so can be viewed and edited through any group that they are in.
  • Pupils can be added and removed from groups easily. This does not affect any of their saved assessments.
  • Groups can be set up so that more than one user can view them. Each user can view and edit the same information about the group of pupils.

Create a New Group

1. Select Management > Group Management on the blue menu bar.

2. Press the 'Add New' button.

3. Type Group Name: The group name should be entered / edited in this box. All group names must be unique in your school.

4. Select who can access group: All teachers who need access to this group should be ticked in the 'Can Access Group' column.

5. Select one to be the group teacher: One of these teachers must be designated in the 'Is The Group Teacher' column- this is for reporting purposes only.

6. Press 'Save'

7.  Press  'Edit Pupil List' button: 
This button only appears once you have saved the group.


The 'Edit Pupil List' button will take you to the screen below. From here, you can see any pupils who are currently in this group. If you have just created a new group, it will say 'No records Found'.


8. Press the 'Add New Pupils' button at the bottom of the screen. This will take you to the screen shown on the right.

9. Select pupils to add to the group: The list shows all of the pupils in the school who are not currently in the selected group. The list can be searched using any of the search fields at the top of the screen. If searching for more than one pupil it is usually easiest to search for pupils by selecting their 'Group' and pressing 'Search'.

To add a pupil you will need to tick the box next to their name.

10. Press 'Add to Group' button. This group will now be available in all areas of Classroom Monitor for the selected teachers.


Edit an Existing Group

When you enter Group Management, you will see a list of all of the groups that you have access to. You can achieve a number of things from this screen:

  • To delete a group: Click the red cross in the group's row. This does not delete any assessments
  • To remove a pupil from the group: Press the edit icon in the group's row, then the 'Edit Pupil List' button. Then, press the red cross in the pupil's row. Please note that this only stops them appearing in this group and doesn't delete the pupil or any of their saved assessments from Classroom Monitor.
  • To add a pupil to a group: Press the edit icon in the group's row, then the 'Edit Pupil List' button, then 'Add New Pupils' button. You should then follow the instructions in steps 9 and 10 above to add them to the group.
  • To change who can view a group: Press the edit icon in the group's row. You can then tick and untick users as you require. Group teacher can also be changed. Press 'Save' to save any changes.

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