On this page, you will find the answers to some frequently asked questions from Classroom Monitor that fall into the 'general' category. For FAQs on specific aspects of Classroom Monitor, please see the other FAQs help pages.

What Do I Do If I've Forgotten My Password?

Please follow the instructions on the Forgotten Password help page. The person who uses the Classroom Monitor Admin account in your school can reset any user password using User Management. If you are the admin user and have forgotten the password for the admin account then you should contact us.

Why Can't I Access Some Features of Classroom Monitor?

While most schools subscribe to the full Classroom Monitor package, some schools only choose certain modules and features. Your school Classroom Monitor admin user will be able to tell you whether you should be able to access a particular module or feature.

How Do I Log In To Classroom Monitor?

Every user in a school has their own individual login for Classroom Monitor that can be used on the Classroom Monitor login page on any device or in the Classroom Monitor app. If you have not been given your username and/or password, you should speak to your school's Classroom Monitor admin user.

Why Do I Have Two Usernames For Classroom Monitor?

There are two different types of Classroom Monitor account.

  • Every Classroom Monitor user can have a login to their own Teacher/SLT account which gives access to the assessment markbooks for recording assessment, the attainment and progress area for tracking and functionality for reporting to parents.
  • Each school has an admin account with one username. When using this login, you can control the setup of Classroom Monitor in your school including the other users, pupil details and changing the way that your assessment framework(s) work. If more than one person needs to access the admin account they should share the login details.

If you have two teacher/SLT logins then you should ask your Classroom Monitor admin user to inactivate the one that you do not use.

How Do I Manage My Groups In Classroom Monitor?

Pupil groups are a useful way of speeding up assessment in Classroom Monitor. Users can create groups, add pupils to groups, remove pupils from groups and delete groups using the instructions on the Group Management help page.

Why Does The Back Button In My Browser Do Strange Things In Classroom Monitor?

When you click buttons in Classroom Monitor, often this send a request to the database and then information is returned. If you use the back button in your browser, this often confuses the system and you may get an error and find that you have to log back in. Throughout the Classroom Monitor site you should find buttons that help you to navigate without using the back button in your browser (e.g. Leave Markbook).

My Question Isn't Listed Here. What Should I Do?

If you cannot find the answer to your issue here, you could try using the search in the top right hand corner of this page or contact us.

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