On this page, you will find the answers to some frequently asked questions from users of the Classroom Monitor Written Reports. Detailed help is available in the Written Reports help pages.

I've Included The Codes From The PDF For Reading And Writing, But When I Open It In 'Write Reports' The Boxes For Reading And Writing Are Missing. What Do I Do?

This could be due to two reasons:

1. The code was entered incorrectly on the template. The ADMIN will need to check that the code has been entered correctly on the template
2. If the code is correct, the parent subject i.e. English is probably set so you can only see this instead of Reading and Writing. To check this is the case the ADMIN will have to follow these instructions: 
'Write Report' - selecting the right codes - parent-child

How Do I Download The pdf Which Contains The Codes To Set Up Our School's Report Template?

To download the pdf which contains the written report codes, login as administrator and go to Customisation / Report Templates. Click the 'Edit' button next to the report template you are using for the reporting session. Next, click '3. Amend the template fields' (In here you will see the 'pdf', which contains all the codes for your school's report template). If you download this pdf you can then add the codes you want to your report template. This link provides more details regarding what the code mean and what they will do if you include them: Bespoke Report Templates

How Do I Upload My Amended Report Template?

To upload your amended report template you must be in the admin account. Login as administrator and go to Customisation / Report Templates. Click on the reporting template you have edited. Select section '4) Upload you new template' and click the link highlighted in blue called 'here'. Browse and find your amended template (This is why it is useful to save it in a location where you can find it easily again). Next, click 'Upload template'. Finally, click the partially covered 'Update template' in the bottom right of the templates section. Please note: You must click BOTH 'Update template' buttons.

Why Is One Of My Comment Boxes / Subjects Generating As Being Empty, When I Can See My Sentences In The Write Report Area?

This could be because the code in the template was copied into it incorrectly when the template was set up. The codes are case sensitive and need to be copied exactly as they are shown in the pdf in the administrator's account. The administrator can check the codes match by:
1. Download the report template you are using for the written report
2. Downloading the pdf with the codes to set up your school's report template
3. Check the codes match and save any changes
4. If the codes do match, remove the code and type it back in (Don't copy and paste) then save the changes
4. Upload your amended template

How Do I Download A Reporting Template?

Choose the reporting template you want to download and click on the reporting template name. Your mouse pointer will change into a pointing finger. Left click and the template will either automatically download into your computer's download folder, or it will give you the option to save it. If you click 'save as' you will be able to choose a preferred location to save it to. Once you open and amend it, you can also use the 'save as' option to save it into a preferred location.

The Date On The Report Template We Are Using Is Wrong. How Do I Change This?

To change the date on the template you have chosen, please download the template and change it on the word document. Once you have saved the changes, upload the template again. Instructions can be found on these help pages explaining how to upload your template if you are struggling.

Why Can't I Download The 'Report template' I Want In The Admin Area?

Make sure you click on the 'report name' and not the picture/icon. You will see the mouse pointer change to a pointing finger when you are on the link. If you click the left mouse button, it will download the template.

I've Uploaded My Amended Template, But It Keeps Saying, 'To Upload An Amended Version Of Your Template Click Here To Upload The Amended File'

Don't worry, you will have uploaded the template. Click on the partially covered 'Update template' in the bottom right of the templates section. This will then save the amended template you have just uploaded. Check by logging into a teaching account and look in the report writing section.

My Codes Keep Dropping Off The Curly Brackets Making The Code Not Work. What Do I Do?

Often copying and pasting codes into a template can cause it to paste in the incorrect format. This is not visible on the template and will appear to look fine. However, when this is uploaded, it can cause formatting which is required for the code to work correctly to get removed. This is noticeable when the template is downloaded again. The template often shows codes with missing '}'. To stop this from occurring, please write in the code INSTEAD of copying and pasting. Also, be aware that codes are case sensitive, so make sure they are written exactly as you see them on the pdf. You can find instructions on this FAQ page explaining how to download the PDF.

Why Can't I See The New Subject Boxes I Have Added To My Report Template?

If you are wanting to add new subjects to your reporting template, which don’t currently exist on your Classroom Monitor account, you can do this using the ‘Customisation Tool’. This will then allow these subjects to appear in the ‘Write Reports’ area in the Teacher / SLT accounts, so comments can be added.

Why Are Some Comment Boxes Coming Out As Bold When I Generate Them?

This will be because the report template was set to bold or the text was set as a heading when the template was created / edited. You can change this by downloading the template and making sure each section is saved without bold being assigned to them and with them set to 'normal' in styles. You will need to upload the amended template by selecting '4) Upload you new template'. Make sure you 'Browse' and find it, then click 'Upload template', before finally clicking 'Update template'.

Why Do I Have Several Empty Rows After My Comments When I Haven't Left Any?

One row is automatically added at the end of each comment box. This is also useful when more than one code has been included in the box, as it provides a line paragraph break between each code. If more than one row is visible, it is probably because the template has been created with additional empty rows assigned to the boxes. If the administrator downloads the template, removes the additional rows and then upload the template and save it, then the reports should now generate with only one empty row at the bottom of each comment box. We would suggest not leaving any empty rows in the template.

We Created A Reporting Template Last Year. Will We Still Be Able To Use It?

Yes. You should be able to access your reporting template via the 'Reporting Templates' section in the admin area. You can also view this template by logging in as either a teacher or SLT and going into the Reporting section. The templates are in the dropdown and you can view it by clicking on the Word document icon. If you included last year's date, don't forget to change it!

How Do I Add Additional Grades, Such As: Learning Attitude, Effort, Behaviour?

To be able to add these, additional grades need to be set up by the admin user for your school. Click on the link to find out how to 'Add Additional Grades'. Once this has been done, you can add additional grades for a subject by pressing the '+' next to the relevant subject box.

How Do I Set The Attendance To Come Out As a Percentage?

You will need to use the code {AttPercent} in the template you are using in the admin area to set this up. All of the codes are available to download in a pdf the 'Reporting Templates' section '3) Amend the template fields'.

I've Generated a Sample Report And The Teacher's Name Is Coming Out With The First Name And Surname Instead Of Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms. How Do I Change This?

This is because the name is pulled through from the teacher/SLT login account details. A teacher can log into their own account and click on their name in the top right hand corner, then they can either replace their first name with Mr / Mrs / Miss / Ms... or use their initials. Once hey have made these changes, they can save it. This will now update on the reports displaying the amended name.

I Can See <br> In Some Comment Boxes. Why Is That There?

This will only occur for curriculums that have been customised. It indicates that extra lines have accidentally been copied into the comments in the admin area when they were set up. The admin user can remove these via the customisation tool. Please contact us if you have a large number of statements affected.

My Question Isn't Listed Here. What Should I Do?

You could try searching using the search box in the top right hand corner. If you are still unable to find the answer to your issue here, please contact us.

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