Curriculum customisation is available to all schools on a subscription basis. To customise an existing framework you will need to be logged in as the school admin user. 

When editing Subject Details, you have the opportunity to view and edit the Advanced Options if you choose. In most cases you will not need to change these but each field is explained below for your information. If you do make any changes, these will only apply to the selected subject and will need to be applied to other subjects as necessary.

Alias Name: Can be blank. Any name entered in this field will be used in tables and graphs in the Attainment and Progress area.

Weight: All subjects have a weight of 1 by default. This governs the impact of a child subject on the parent subject score. For example, if reading was set at weight 1 and writing at weight 2, writing would have twice the impact of writing on the overall English score.

Country: England/Wales/International can be selected if necessary

Is Overall: For use in Attainment and Progress. Select 'No' if you want to be able to edit/enter a score directly for this subject. Select 'Yes' if you want this score to automatically calculate from child subjects. If you select yes, users will not be able to directly edit this score.

Show Overall (for reporting): Select 'Yes' if you want this subject to show in reporting. Select 'No' if you want the child subjects to show in reporting.

Is Fine Grading: Select 'Yes' if you want to use all 6 "sub-stages" in the curriculum for this subject. Select 'No' if you want to use 3 "sub-stages" for this subject.

Low / Medium / High Score Thresholds: These show the percentage coverage of the markbooks that will trigger the 3 sub-stage scores in this subject. Low must be between 5 and 50%, Medium must be between 20 and 80% and high must be between 50 and 95%. If you have chosen fine grading, the other 3 sub-stages will have thresholds of the midpoint between low and medium, the mid point between medium and high and the midpoint between high and 100%. Changing thresholds here will only change them for the particular subject not the whole curriculum.

Bookmark Name: This is the code that you should use for this subject when creating a bespoke report template. Unless you have specific preferences, this should be left blank to auto-generate.

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