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Curriculum customisation is available to all schools on a subscription basis. To customise an existing framework you will need to be logged in as the school admin user. 

Within Classroom Monitor, most frameworks have objectives that are organised into strands to support teachers in tracking forwards and backwards between the different ability levels in a subject. The strands are intended to make it easy to see the progression in particular subject skills and knowledge. This supports planning for progression and can also help teachers to identify foundation skills for pupils struggling to achieve an objective at age related expectations. They can also make the markbooks easier to use as teachers can load up the strands that they are focusing on rather than the whole markbook.

NB Subjects do not need to contain strands and you may find examples where no strands exist by default. You can choose to add strands to these if you wish to do so but it is not necessary within the system itself.

Subject strands are edited and added on the Edit Subject Strands screen. This can be accessed from the Edit button if you are editing a subject or through the 'Build Strands' button on the subject details screen if you are adding a new subject.

A: Edit An Existing Strand

Pressing an 'Edit' button related to a strand will take you to the 'Edit Strand' screen. This will show the current details for the strand that is selected.

Code: You do not need to enter a subject strand code. However, a short code for each objective can be useful in Curriculum Tracking.

Strand Name: The strand must have a name but this can contain any text that you choose. This name will appear on the markbook menu screen

Objectives: Clicking in this box will show the objectives that are currently assigned to this strand and gives you the option to add more objectives to the strand.

Sequence Number: This is the position that the strand appears within the subject's strands.

Status: You can switch a strand on and off using these buttons. If you switch a strand to inactive, this will mean that any objectives that are assigned to it will not be accessible via Classroom Monitor teacher/SLT accounts. Any objectives that you still want to use will need to be moved to active strands.

Make sure that you click the green 'Save changes' button when you have completed editing the strand.

B: Add a Strand

To add a new strand to a subject, you should press the 'Create Strand' button.

This will take you to the screen described above in task A, but all fields will be empty. You will need to give the strand a name and select any objectives that you want to add to the strand. These can be selected from existing objectives in the subject or you can 
add new objectives.

C: Change Order Of Strands In The Subject

Press the 'Change Sequence' button to change the order of strands in the subject. This will bring up the screen shown below. You should press the radio button to the left of the strand that you want to move and then press the orange 'Up' or 'Down' buttons to move it to its new position. You can then click and move any other strands that are necessary. Once you are happy with the order of the strands, you should remember to press 'Save Changes'.

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