Spread graphs provide high level information for a group of pupils and can be used to display information about four key measures in Classroom Monitor; attendance spread, attainment spread, progress spread and 'on track' spread

In order to view group spread graphs, navigate to group tracking and then 'slide' across to Graph View.

On this page we are looking at Group Spread graphs. You can visit our help page to find out more about the other type of group tracking graph: Group Average graphs.

Group Spread graphs are the default and you can see 'Spread' selected in the middle section below.

The Attainment Spread graph will be generated by default but you can change this by clicking on the graph that you want in the green control bar followed by the 'Generate Graph' button. For all types of graph, a pie chart will be shown if you have one subject selected and bar chart of you have more than one subject selected. Visit the Group Tracking Graphs page to find out how to drill down into a graph further or print or save it.

Attainment Spread

This graph displays the percentage of pupils within the group working at each defined score on the chosen date. If more than one date is selected, attainment will be shown for the most recent date selected only.

Progress Spread

This graph displays the percentage of pupils falling within each progress band between the earliest and most recent dates selected. This graph will only display if you have selected more than one date. The 'points' have different meanings depending on the framework that you are using.

On Track Spread

This graph shows the percentages of pupils working below target, on target and above target. This information will only be displayed if you have set targets for the pupils and selected it in the middle section as shown below. Visit our help page to find out more information about 
Attainment Targets.

Attendance Spread

This graph displays attendance data taken from your MIS for the selected group. Attendance data will always be for the current academic year. You can view the percentage of the group within each attendance band.

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