Group tracking graphs show summary data for groups of pupils when the Group and Graph toggles are chosen on the left hand side of the screen. You can select the data that you want to view in your graph using the Choose Pupil/Subjects/Timeframe button.

You will then need to choose between Average and Spread graphs using the radio button in the middle section, then choosing the relevant graph from the green control bar.

Spread Graphs show percentage breakdowns for Attainment, Progress, On Track and Attendance.

Average Graphs show group averages for Attainment, Progress and Attendance

In general, Group Tracking Graphs have similar functionality.

A: Hovering your cursor over any bar/point/pie chart segment will give you further details about the information shown in it.

B: Clicking on subjects in the legend will switch them on and off in your graph (Writing is switched off in the graph here).

C: Clicking on this menu will allow you to print or save your graph in a number of formats.

NB: If there is both summative and teacher assessment stored on a selected date then the summative assessment score will be used in the graph.

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