Average graphs provide high level information for a group of pupils and can be used to display averages on three key measures in Classroom Monitor; average attainment, average progress spread and average attendance for any group of pupils. Group Average graphs are particularly useful for comparing group performance in different subjects or comparing groups of pupils.

In order to view graphs, navigate to group tracking and then 'slide' across to Graph View.

Select Pupils / Subjects / Timeframe and then click on 'generate graph'.

On this page we are looking at Group Average graphs. You can visit our help page to find out more about the other type of group tracking graph: Group Spread graphs.

Average graphs are not the default: 'Spread' will be selected in the middle section in the Attainment and Progress area. To access group average graphs you will need to click on the radio button as shown below. Then, pressing 'Generate graph' will bring up the control bar for the average graphs. An attainment average graph will be shown by default.

Attainment Average 

This graph shows the average group attainment in the points used by your curriculum framework and can be used to compare attainment averages between subjects. Each selected subject appears as a column. If more than one date is selected, attainment will show for the most recent date selected.

To view the average as an attainment score, you can hover the cursor over the graph and a window will appear showing both scores and points.

Progress Average 

This graph shows the average points progress that the selected group has made between the dates selected and can be used to compare average progress between subjects. The meaning of the points will be specific to your framework.

This graph will only display if you have selected more than one date.

Attendance Average 

This graph displays the average attendance for the selected group and can be used to view differences between subjects if attendance data is recorded at a subject level.

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