The Class Assessment Summary summarises all of the markbook assessments that have been made for groups of children in the particular time period that you select, in a similar way to using the Pupil Assessment summary for individual children.

This output enables schools to print out a list of the achievements and/or next steps for your whole class in any subject(s) as a PDF. You can choose whether to just add the targets or to show them which objectives they have already achieved or are working towards. The sheets will also include the dates the markbook was changed so will be useful for the pupils to see how far they have come and will make them very useful for pupil progress meetings too.

1. Select Markbooks --> Assessment Summaries from the homepage.

2. Select Pupils, when you open the cohort dropdown you will see all of the groups that you have access to. You should select the class or group that you want to generate the Class Assessment summary for.

If you only want a small selection of pupils, then you can untick the ones that you don't want in the pupil list shown once you have selected the group.

3. Select Subjects.

You need to select the curriculum(s) first and then select the subject(s) that you want to appear in the Class Assessment Summary.

4. Select Timeframe:

  • Now will show only assessments recorded during this month.
  • This term will show only assessments recorded during this term.
  • This year  will show only assessments recorded during this academic year.
  • Terms from this year isn’t usually relevant for this output.
  • Choose from below allows you to pick any months that you want to. This will allow you to view assessment made in a particular month or set of months.

5. Below this, you will see the different assessment summary outputs that are available to you. When you click on 'Class Assessment Summary Sheet' you will be shown the relevant options.

6. Select assessments to include:

Choose the maximum number of each colour of assessment that you want to show in the document for each child. For each option, you can choose a number from 0-10 or All.

In the example shown above, I am generating a document showing what my class need to work on. As I don't want any Exceeding (blue) or Met (green) objectives to show, I have set these to '0'. Then I have set Almost (yellow) and Target (red) to 5 which will show me 5 assessments of those colours for each pupil during the time period. If a pupil has more than 5, it will show the 5 most recently saved and if they have fewer than 5, fewer will be shown. Choosing 'All' for any colour will show all assessments made during the time period selected.

7. Tick and untick the boxes to indicate which of the options that you want to include:

  • Highlight assessment colours: If you tick this, the boxes will be coloured the relevant colours (e.g. 'Met' will be shown in a filled green box). If this is unticked, the relevant words (e.g. Almost) will be shown in black and white. 
  • Include school logo: This option will appear if your school logo has been uploaded in the admin area.
  • Include ability names: This option allows you to select whether to show the ability level that each statement is from.

8. Press the 'Generate' button. NB This may take some time for the system to generate. 

9. Once it has been generated, you will be able to download it from the screen shown here. One PDF document will be created which contains assessment for all of the pupils.

You can use the 'Download' icon to download it for saving and/or printing.

To view this help as a video, please click here.

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