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The Ctrl key on your keyboard is very useful – it gives you the option to select multiple hexagons that are not next to one another on the markbook. These boxes can then be changed to a different colour at the same time to save you having to click individual boxes.

In the example below, a number of hexagons have been selected by holding down the Ctrl key and left clicking in each hexagon individually. You can see that they have turned grey to show they are selected.

When the Ctrl key is released, a menu appears. You then have two options:

1. Keyboard shortcuts: You can press a key on your keyboard to change the colour of the hexagons.
W = white
R = red
Y = yellow
G = green
B = blue (if available in your framework
If you are using the default terminology then the keys U/ T/ A/ M/ E will also work.

2. Menu selection: From the menu that has appeared, you can choose 'Set Selection to' and then choose the relevant assessment judgement.

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