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This functionality is only available on devices with a right click function (e.g. laptops, desktop computers etc)

To set a row and/or column to a particular colour, you need to right click in any hexagon the row/column. Then, from the menu, move your mouse over 'Select' and then across to 'Row/Column' – this will highlight the whole row or column by turning the hexagons grey.


Once they are grey, you have two options:

1. Keyboard shortcuts: You can press a key on your keyboard to change the colour of the hexagons.

W = white

R = red

Y = yellow

G = green

B = blue (if available in your framework)

If you are using the default terminology then the keys U/ T/ A/ M/ E will also work.

2. Menu selection: Right click again on any grey hexagon and move your mouse over 'Set Selection To' and then choose from the options available. In the Rising Stars Framework you will see Unassessed (white), Target (Red), Almost (Yellow), Met (Green) or Exceeding (Blue (if applicable)).

When you select an option, all of the hexagons in that row will then be set to that colour.

To view this help as a video, please click here.

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