We are in the process of totally redesigning Classroom Monitor to make it even more effective for your needs. We are releasing the updated product in phases rather than making you wait until it's all ready, so you can expect further improvements throughout the coming months.

You can access Classroom Monitor 2018 by logging into Classroom Monitor as normal and then clicking on the link below the blue bar and above the hexagons (outlined by a red box in the image below).

This will open into the markbook menu with other areas shown as icons down the left hand side. You can click on the icons to open the relevant selection menus once the areas become active.

Markbook (Phase 1)

The markbook menu is the first thing you see when you enter CM18. The new markbook is quicker and easier to use than ever before. You can access more than one subject at once as well as selecting as many ability levels as you need. We've also introduced markbook 'modes' to help everyone access all of the functionality that is available. Visit the new markbook pages for more information.

Progress (Phase 1)

On the 'Progress' tab within CM2018, you will find some new Attainment and Progress Reports. They have been introduced to give you quicker, easier access to the data that schools are telling us that they need. Further developments are already in the pipeline including: graphs, the ability to drill down further into data and other data reports that you will find useful. Visit the Attainment and Progress reports pages for more info.

CM Training Academy

The Classroom Monitor Academy has been introduced to help all users in all schools get the most out of Classroom Monitor. You can access it by logging into Classroom Monitor as usual then clicking the 'Training' link on the right. Take our Self evaluation quiz to find out where you should start. Visit the CM Academy pages for more info.