Scoring thresholds are used to convert the percentage coverage of a markbook into a score that can be tracked and reported for a pupil and groups of pupils. These thresholds can be altered by customers to suit your needs and the way that you assess.

  • For the Rising Stars Framework, you can use the Assessment Terminology tool
  • All other assessment frameworks can be controlled via the curriculum customisation tool following the instructions below.

Advice on changing your thresholds can be found on the Weightings and Thresholds help page.

NB Each subject will need to be changed individually. This means that you can apply different thresholds to different subjects, however for ease of understanding your data you may prefer to keep them consistent.

1. Login as the school admin user

2. Click on Customisation>Customise Classroom Monitor for your school

3. Click 'Customise School Curriculum' NB If you do not have this option, you do not have the customisation tool currently and should 
contact us to discuss.

4. Find the subject that you want to edit: Select the curriculum using the "Curriculum" dropdown in the top left hand corner and press 'Search'.
NB Each page will show up to 12 subjects. If there are more than this, you may need to scroll through the pages using the numbers towards the bottom of the screen.

5. Press the 'Edit' button next to the subject you want to edit.

6. Open the grey 'Show Advanced Options' bar

7. Change the thresholds by typing in the relevant boxes:

  • Low Score Threshold: must be between 5 and 50%,
  • Medium Score Thresholds must be between 20 and 80%
  • High Score Thresholdmust be between 50 and 95%.

 If you have more than 3 scores active in your framework, the other 3 sub-stages will have thresholds of the midpoint between low and medium, the mid point between medium and high and the midpoint between high and 100%.

8. Repeat steps 4-7 for all other subjects that you want to change.

9. The new thresholds will be applied when the markbooks are next saved. To force this save, teachers should open the relevant markbooks for each group, press 'Adjust Scores' and save the automatic scores shown. No historic data will be changed.

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