Curriculum customisation is available to all schools on a subscription basis. To customise an existing framework you will need to be logged in as the school admin user.

The Subject Search screen is the starting point for making any changes to the setup of subjects in a curriculum. It is accessed via the admin login: Customisation > Customise Classroom Monitor for your School > Customise School Curriculum.

The subject management tasks available from this page are:

  • Edit an existing subjectYou can edit an existing subject's name, relationship with other subjects, it's ability structure and/or scoring method. To do this, you will first need to find* the subject that you want to edit and press the edit button (A) for the relevant subject. Then follow the steps in the subject details help file
  • Create a new subject: You can create a new subject from scratch by pressing the "Create New button" (B) and follow the steps in the Creating new subjects help file.
  • Make a subject inactive: If you no longer want a subject to appear anywhere in Classroom Monitor, you should find* the subject(s) then tick the box(es) next to the subject(s) and then press the "Set Subject(s) to Inactive" button (C).

Finding Subjects To Edit

You should first select the curriculum that the subject belongs to using the "Curriculum" dropdown in the top left hand corner and pressing search. Each page will show up to 12 subjects and if you have more than this, you may need to scroll through the pages using the numbers towards the bottom of the screen.

There are some other search options available to filter your search. Advanced Search options can be shown or hidden by clicking the relevant link. You must always choose the curriculum that you want to work in first then you can use any/all of these fields to find a subject:

  • Subject Name: A text search to find a subject containing what is typed in the box
  • Status: Restrict your search to Active or Inactive subjects. Searching for Inactive subjects will allow you to reactivate them if you choose.
  • Subject type: This will filter your search by subject type: All, Single, Parent or Child
  • Ability Name: A text search for a subject that contains a particular ability name
  • Objective text: A text search for a subject that contains particular text in an objective

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